Dry plums for tight vaginas? They say it does wonders

Dried plums or so called “punani fruit” is made and consumed in many parts of the world including China

Of late it started to sell well across the world, as women deem it to be the new sex super food for tight and young vaginas!

With age female vagina can stretch up a bit and become looser. Women complain about not getting much pleasure during sex. And their men have harder time with it, too. So, they are looking for solutions to stay sexually active and satisfy their men well.
Dry plums for tight vaginas? They say it does wonders
For some reason the rumor of “magic” properties of the punani fruit have spread wide. Ladies go shopping and hunting for it on the markets and in the Chinese stores. They believe eating couple of dried plums before the sleep makes their vaginas tighter and younger once again! Some of them even testify:

“I eat it every night and it helps a lot for me when having sex with my husband.”

What do doctors say about such a wonder food for young vaginas? Well, they are rather skeptical. Vaginas are stretchy and elastic. Once a woman has sex it gets larger, but after sex it becomes tight again, all on its own and no punani fruit is needed for it. Aging is inevitable and it cannot be avoided.

So, why do those ladies say that the dried plums help their sex life and make tight vaginas? Well, most likely it works as some placebo. They believe it does good for them and start enjoying their sex life more. When they become more confident in bed, naturally their men start getting more pleasure out of the interaction!

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