Steel Worker Balloons Her Butt To Work As Model

Meet a 31-year-old woman, who works at a steel factory but hopes to drop everything and start a new life as a plus-size model in Detroit, USA.

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Patricia Washington spent her whole life in an impoverished city. All this time she was dreaming of leaving the place, where her drug-addict mother was killed. Patricia, who’s called Superwoman by her colleagues, works at a steel factory four days a week and 16 hours a day, where she’s the only woman employed.

After years of hard work, Patricia managed to save enough money for a buttocks enlargement procedure or a Brazilian butt-lift. The woman hopes her new buttocks will give her a ticket to a modelling career. She said: “I don’t want to be 45 and look up and say: ‘Wow, I spent all my life here and I haven’t done anything. I haven’t traveled.
Steel Worker Balloons Her Butt To Work As Model
“I haven’t experienced the world. I haven’t met different people.’ I see myself being on TV screens. For the past years I’ve pretty much lived my life like a caged animal, not experiencing everything that this world has to offer me. So my ambition is to be free.”

And it seems her dream is finally coming true. Months after surgery she was contacted by a photographer who invited her for her first photo shoot in Miami. After the images were published in one of the local magazines, she has received dozens of offers to appear in modelling shoots in South Africa, Hong Kong and other countries.

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