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My three goblins, snake keep me safe

An unidentified woman on Monday afternoon brought business in the sprawling high-density suburb of Sakubva to a halt after she started hiss...

An unidentified woman on Monday afternoon brought business in the sprawling high-density suburb of Sakubva to a halt after she started hissing like a snake, claiming that she owned three goblins and had a snake that she uses to kill people while protecting her from enemies.

Scores of residents in Sakubva swarmed Sakubva prophet, Madzibaba Skynage Marwakuona’s shrine in Maonde to witness the seemingly possessed woman who identified herself as Felix.

She revealed that she was on a mission to wipe out several children and women in Mutare and Masvingo, particularly a family in Zaka where she claimed she was coming from. She slithered like a snake and hissed while her tongue was out.

“My name is Felix and I am powerful.

“I am coming from Zaka. It has been long since I last killed people with my three goblins and a snake that I walk with around my waist. I sometimes walk with a prominent traditional healer in Masvingo.
My three goblins, snake keep me safe
“Ndapedza vanhu muZaka.

“Zvidhoma zvangu nenyoka zvinondichengetedza.

“I killed Locardia and I want to wipe out her whole family.

“Ndini ndairwarisa vana vake,” she said. The Weekender could, however, not establish who Locardia was as well as her place of residence.

“This place is, however, hot.

“I am failing to cope with the excruciating heat.

“Please, leave me alone. Stop distracting me.

“I am seeing a man with huge beard and he is tormenting my spirit,” said the woman.

The incident happened when the youthful prophet was conducting his day-to-day exorcising, healing and prophetic session in the suburb.

The Weekender learnt that the woman who had attended the session for the first time was unaware of the whole process and could not be drawn into commenting after the session.

In an interview, Madzibaba Skynage, said the woman was innocent, but was possibly unaware of what was happening. He exorcised her and rebuked the spirit which was determined to claim more lives.

“It is not her fault. It was just an evil spirit which was inside her body.

“It is actually that Felix who is up to no good.

“It is an evil spirit that killed the person he mentioned.

“She is delivered now and we have conducted some initiations (such as sprinkling anointed water at her) that will deter the spirit from causing more deaths and illnesses. We also urge her to continue praying against such spirits,” he said.

Early this year, the prophet hogged the limelight after a Chikanga teen appeared at his shrine, hissed and slithered like a snake after she was initiated by her Chipinge-based granny who owned six hyenas, five snakes, one wild cat and five owls, Scores of people with different spiritual problems as well as various diseases have been swarming the shrine seeking assistance from the prophet who has been one of the most sought-after faith healers in Mutare.