Prophet Threatens To Kill Sinners At Church Service - Especially Witches

Prophet Sham Hungwe says he has powers to kill people who practice witchcraft and is ready to do that at his highly touted service dubbed ‘Rest in Peace’ this Sunday.

The House of Grace International ministries leader is holding this service at his Machipisa base on Sunday and he says witches should stay away or risk dying if they attend.

The prophet who once grabbed headlines with miracles was on Star FM on Tuesday night where he had no kind words for transgressors. Contacted for comment, prophet Shame Hungwe stood by his words though he was not comfortable to speak at lengthy concerning the deaths issue.

“I stand by my words, such people have no place in the church, they will die,” said the prophet.

“We are inviting people to come on Sunday and see the power of God. Those who practice witchcraft will be haunted by their evil spirits as we will be saying go back to sender. We have named the service Rest in Peace Sunday and we are saying it’s a Sunday for breakthrough. The day all your problems will be a thing of the past, they will rest in peace.
Prophet Threatens To Kill Sinners At Church Service - Especially Witches
To those who have been cursed with evil spirits, we are saying go back to sender thus the theme for the day,” he said. Prophet Sham grabbed headlines a fortnight ago after a snake appeared in his church after allegedly coming out of a congregant. The man of God, who operates at Machipisa Shopping centre has been drawing crowds to his church, of late.

Source: H Metro

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