The Mighty Warriors Given A Little Worriers Welcome

MIGHTY WARRIORS ARRIVED IN THE AFTERNOON - it has been alleged that no-one came to welcome them at the airport.

1. From the Airport the Zimbabwean team was taken to Chicken Inn corner Julius Nyerere and Nkame Nkuruma street where they were each given a dollar and told to go home.

2. The Olympic participates refused to be left in the city centre and after some time the Zimbabwe ladies national team departed the food outlet along Julius Nyerere for Daisy Lodge. They were denied entry and waited for Zifa/Olympic committee officials to come.

3. They waited and waited but nobody showed up.
The Mighty Warriers Given A Little Worriers Welcome
4. Well wishers however bought the Mighty Warriors lunch. Their first food after returning from the Olympics.

5. After eating the National Ladies soccer team were then given $5 each this time and told zvakaoma tozoona pamberi apo. Ka bus kechikoro kavatora kuairport kanga kabaya.

In the last picture some members of the team that participated at Rio Olympics sitting by the roadside waiting for the next Kombi to take them back to the city center so that they connect with the kombis to their respective homes before peak hour. Others had already squeezed into a commuter omnibus charging 50cents to the city centre.
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