See what this president did after a man asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda showed his military side on Saturday, August 13, after a Nigerian “jokingly” asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage on social media.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame and daughter arrive at the White House for a group dinner

Bar Baric, a Nigerian Twitter user posted pictures of the president’s beautiful daughter -Ange Kagame on his timeline, while making his “marriage” interest known to her father.

Rwandan president blocks Nigerian man on social media
Dear @PaulKagame I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while now. Will you be my father-in-law? 😀🎁💍💐🍷🎂💒👪 — Bar Baric (@Bar_Baric) August 12, 2016

A marriage between such great nations can only lead to unity and peace all over the continent of Africa. 👼— Bar Baric (@Bar_Baric) August 12, 2016

However this did not sit well with the long serving president who immediately dashed hopes of the young man by blocking him on twitter.

You see why Africa can never unite, and be the one great continent our ancestors gave their lives and spirits for?!  — Bar Baric (@Bar_Baric) August 12, 2016
Imagine fa! Just because I’m trying to promote African Unity through love and marriage. 😢 — Bar Baric (@Bar_Baric) August 12, 2016

Kagame is the sixth and current president of Rwanda having taken office in 2000. He previously commanded the rebel force that ended the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.

The Rwandan president on 10 June 1989 in Uganda, married Jeannette Nyiramongi. The couple have four children. Their first child, a son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame, was born in 1990, followed by a daughter, Ange Kagame, and sons Ian and Brian.

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