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There Was More To Zodwa Wabantu’s Dress …

Since Saturday, social media was awash with Zodwa Wabantu’s pictures from the Durban July event. There she was, dressed in a beautiful dres...

Since Saturday, social media was awash with Zodwa Wabantu’s pictures from the Durban July event. There she was, dressed in a beautiful dress, with an up-to-there slit, showing she was not wearing any panties. 

Her cellulite thigh was in the open and she didn’t seem to mind, which brings me to the lessons I think we should grasp from her, especially as women. I do not condone such dressing but there was more to that dress other than her showing she had no panties.
Zodwa Wabantu

Be confident in your body: Look closely at Zodwa’s thigh, it’s not that flawless, it does have flaws, cellulite to be precise. It’s not that she doesn’t know she has cellulite but she’s embraced her flaws and decided not to let them take her down. I have seen women bleach, because they are not very comfortable in their dark skinned. They think being yellow is the definition of beauty.

By Ivy Chibanda
But have you taken a minute to consider the effect of those bleaches? Many of us have even spent a lot of money on buying creams to cover our flawed skin in the name of searching for beauty. Be careful of damaging your skin or body because you think it is better on the other side, you might actually lose a lot by moving from the real you, to a fake you. It’s up to you, I choose to embrace and love my flaws, because that’s what makes me beautiful.
There Was More To Zodwa Wabantu’s Dress …
2. Never mind what people say, it’s your life after all: After we have all put our thoughts on social media, laughing and cursing, and worst of all bullying the lady, do you think Zodwa didn’t know the dress would cause a stir? She knew, and from my understanding, I think she was trying to prove a point, she doesn’t care about what people say.

How many of us have remained in abusive relationships because we are afraid of what people will say? How many of us have failed to step out of their comfort zones because of what people will say? How many opportunities have we let go by because of what people will say? How many of us have let go of the people we truly loved because of what people said?

We were only given one life on this earth and limiting yourself from doing what you feel is right because of what people will say is self torture and you will forever regret it. It’s not about what people will say but about what you want in your life, what makes you happy. I know no man is an island entire to itself but at the end of the day, what really matters is what makes you happy.

I promise you, no matter what good you do, people will always find a fault in whatever you would have done. So mam, get up, brush yourself up, wear whatever you want and go out and enjoy your life. Life is too short to hold back. I think Zodwa is actually enjoying her life, while we busy waste our data forwarding her pictures and demeaning her. She actually got free publicity, so you never know what will push you up.

3. Looking at the bigger picture : We are no saints when it comes to dressing: I know most women are against the way she was dressed but she did this for the women, to show bravery and confidence. Sometimes, when someone does something, let’s not look at whatever it is as it is, look at the bigger picture. For whatever happens in this life, there’s always a hidden meaning behind, which we should look at before we judge someone.
There Was More To Zodwa Wabantu’s Dress …
Most of us do worse behind closed doors, so think of that before judging. I was just thinking of how some of us dress, we are no different from Zodwa, only that she left one side of herself in the open. Some of us are wearing see through tights and not much of underwear which leaves most of our ‘private’ parts public. I won’t start on the dresses we are wearing which are more or less like that of Zodwa’s. Yet here we are castigating Zodwa as if we are saints.

I know most people would be basing on the bible but the bible does say judge not, therefore we have no right at all to judge her dressing. Anyway, everyone is entitled to an opinion but I thought I would give you something to think about.

PS: Please explain where the outrage is coming from. From her flaunting her leg or from her not wearing panties?

You can visit Ivy Chibanda’s blog: Ms Resolute