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Donald Trump is finished

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in Two New Polls. Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States. There are still five mo...

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in Two New Polls. Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States.

There are still five months to go until America goes to the polls, but already the death knell for the Trump campaign has begun to ring.

Last week we brought you the news that Trump’s poll numbers were plummeting, and his presidential aspirations were looking increasingly grim.

Hillary Clinton had opened up a six-point lead, and his national polling average sat at 39.1 per cent – lower than any other candidate at the same time in any of the last four elections.

On top of that, he was way behind in key battleground states, and had only raised a fraction of Clinton’s enormous war chest.

Since then, the hole he’s in has only grown bigger – and from here, there’s no way out.
Let’s look at the numbers

Anyway you cut it, the numbers are dire for the Republican candidate.
Donald Trump is finished
The latest national poll has Clinton’s lead extending out to an almost unassailable 12 points – 51 per cent to 39.

And the likelihood of Trump being able to turn those numbers around seems increasingly implausible given the other damning polling data coming out.

64 per cent said Trump was unqualified to be President, and 70 per cent said a Trump presidency made them anxious.

It’s been a disastrous couple of weeks, with his incendiary remarks after the Orlando shooting and towards federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel hurting Trump badly.

Minorities increasingly hold the sway in general elections, and Clinton now holds a staggering 83-point lead among black voters and 47 point lead with Hispanics.

It’s not often that candidates overcome such huge deficits, but it has been done before – Michael Dukakis had a 15 point lead over George HW Bush in 1992 but then got absolutely obliterated by a barrage of damaging TV ads.

But Trump’s in no position to launch such an offensive.
A campaign in dissarray

Trump’s most pressing problem is that he’s loathed by the Republican establishment, who tried to stop him from getting the nomination.

They can’t stomach his big-spending policies, his overtly racist attacks (the Republicans have been working hard to woo themselves to Latino voters) and believe, correctly, that he’s unelectable.

Just this week, two of George W Bush’s top advisors endorsed Hillary Clinton, iconic conservative commentator George Will deregistered from the party, and Mark Kirk, a Republican senator from Illinois, took the extraordinary step of running anti-Trump ads.

The last four Republican Presidential nominees (Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bush Jr and Bush Sr) have made their disgust publically known, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before they jump on the bandwagon.

Trump is toxic, and Republicans are doing everything they can to distance themselves from him before November.

This is a monumental problem for Trump, because without the full support of the party he won’t have the money or personnel to get close to challenging Clinton.

Last week, his campaign manager was fired in disgrace, and Hillary’s campaign has 40 timesthe amount of cash-on-hand compared to Trump andten times the number of staff.

Trump is trailing Clinton by a historical margin, and as his campaign continues to spiral wildly out of control that gap only looks like widening.
Credit: MSN