Small house attacked with an axe

A wife has attacked her husband’s small house after she found out that he had bought his girlfriend groceries worth $25.

Maonei Maduche (36) together with her friend Lois Chihwiza (39) of Mvuma have been sentenced to perform 320 hours of community service
when they appeared before Mvuma magistrate Vimbai Makora facing assault charges.

The two pleaded guilty to assaulting Mavis Munongeri. In mitigation, Maduche told the court that her husband was not taking care of her and their children yet he had money to spend with another woman.
Small house attacked with an axe
“Your Worship it has been a long time since he bought us groceries. He left me with my children to starve yet he manages to buy groceries for his girlfriend. I failed to control myself after finding out that he had bought groceries for his girlfriend,” said Maduche.

Maduche confronted her love rival whom she assaulted with a wooden stick while Chihwiza joined in with an axe. Munongeri managed to grab the axe from Chihwiza and fled from the scene.

The court heard that Munongeri sustained a small cut on the head and was referred to hospital.

The two accused persons were arrested the same day after Maduche’s husband reported the matter to the police.
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