Teenager jailed 18 months for bedding girl (15)

A CHITUNGWIZA man was yesterday sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for sleeping with a 15-year-old girl although the sexual act was by consent.

Tarisai Kugedera (19) appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Jessy Kufa facing four counts of unlawfully and intentionally having sexual intercourse with the young girl.

However, Kugedera will not do time in prison after Kufa wholly suspended the sentence on condition he does not commit the same offence in the next five years.

Circumstances leading to Kugedera’s arrest are that sometime in March on a date unknown to the State he phoned the girl asking her to meet him at his house, but she initially refused.

The court heard, Kugedera then got inside the girl’s premises and ordered her to lie on the verandah floor where he removed her panties and had sexual intercourse with her once.
Teenager jailed 18 months for bedding girl (15)
On another date during the same month, Kugedera again called the girl to his house claiming he had something that he wanted to give her and when she arrived he had sexual intercourse with her for the second time. The court heard again during the same month, and at around 11pm, Kugedera called the girl and asked her to sleep with him and this time she agreed to go to his house where they had sexual intercourse by consent.

On June 16, the girl visited Kugedera at his house at night and the two had sexual intercourse.
The matter came to light when the girl’s sister was informed by her maid that she was in the habit of going out at night during her absence.

The young girl disclosed that she had sexual intercourse with Kugedera on several occasions leading to his arrest.

Innocent Tizirai appeared for the State.

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