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Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, Life of a Daring, ‘Uneducated’, Risk Taker!

At birth, he was named genius. In school, Genius was not so brilliant, but his intelligence was dedicated to something bigger and greater.  ...

At birth, he was named genius. In school, Genius was not so brilliant, but his intelligence was dedicated to something bigger and greater. 

And where he lacked in education, he invested his efforts and time into daring, genius business concepts.

At the ordinary level certificate, he passed agriculture only, and to his peers, his life was destined to fail. While good grades are viewed as a guarantee to a prosperous life, Genius had a different mindset. “When he failed his ordinary level, my mother wanted him to rewrite, but he asked for the money to start a business instead, his sister recalled.”

He reasoned that if he attempted to rewrite his exams, he would probably fail again. His lack of education was a blessing, turning him into a daring investor, who was willing to venture into business and take the risk. True to his word, he invested the cash into a cellphone business, which began to flourish. And from there onwards, he never looked back.

He never allowed his limited education to narrow his dreams, telling himself he would be successful one day. Ginimbi was a sleek communicator, who could get his way when discussing and closing deals, his business associates said. And his lifestyle and pool of friends were testaments to the elegance he attracted and maintained.

“Sometimes he would come to the club early. At some point being the first to sit in the VIP Booth. He would move around most booths having conversations with his clientele,” his photographer said. “He believed in the customer is king business philosophy. On occasions, he would check the sound quality as well as the lights.”

To the Domboshava community, his birthplace, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kandungure was an idol, though his rise to fame was not obvious, nor glorious – it was burdened by regrets, and often hampered by poor family background. At one stage, Genius had one pair of decent trousers. Despite all that, he was determined to make it in life. He started from the bottom, hassling his way to the respected echelons of the business world.
Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure
Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure

When he died, he had diversified investments. He had acquired a fleet of expensive cars, built a castle in his village of birth, and had become a darling of the underprivileged in the community. Boss or Mbinga, a successful person, Ginimbi had transformed his previous lack into abundance and was willing to share a portion of his fame with others.

Ginimbi attracted money with his diligent ethics, strategizing, and enterprising spirit, until his ghastly end. Rich and fame favours the bold, adventurous, and Genius was one such character, willing to take the risk were others hesitated. “When he was young, he stole sugar from the house and sold it for a profit,” one of his relatives recollected during his burial.

And ever since his rise to recognition, he never regretted, nor was willing to tone down his loud spending, no matter how his critics shouted him down – he splashed his wealth unhindered, and his critics would be hushed. Having grown in a poor family, it was a moment to showcase his achievements.

The glitzy entrepreneur was always crowded by those in search of a piece of his fame, connections, and crumbs that he offered. Due to his lofty status, debates about his luxurious acquisitions and deals were not afar in his 36 years of existence. Genius was once arraigned before the courts for questionable business transactions.

Ginimbi understood poverty, but with time and means, he sought to eliminate it by living large without any regrets, as attested by his untamed spending habits. He donated to the less fortunate, uplifting his village’s sleeping status, by constructing a road. Other households accessed electricity for free which he paid. 

His businesses had created employment opportunities that had eluded him earlier in life.

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