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Ammara Brown - The Legacy (A Must Read!)

Having been born into a talented family, one could easily say Ammara Brown was born to be a star. However, the moment you meet her you reali...

Having been born into a talented family, one could easily say Ammara Brown was born to be a star.

However, the moment you meet her you realize that she is way more than Andy Brown’s daughter, her attention to detail when it comes to her brand tells you all you need to know about the kind of work she puts into everything you see today. 
Ammara Brown | Picture Source:
Ammara Brown | Picture Source:
She has grown up in the public eye, blossomed and experienced loss right in front of our eyes but today she stands as one of the most powerful voices across gender and genre in Zimbabwean music. 

We sat down to ask her all the questions you’ve probably always wanted to ask:

When one hears the name Ammara Brown you think singer, songwriter, actress, dancer etc but you’re mostly known for your singing; how did you know that music was the path you wanted to choose?

It was all in the feeling. Singing is the closest I can be to the sky, without physically touching it. Sonic heaven.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced a young woman growing up in the music industry?

The constant hypocrisy of the sexual double standards in society. It makes a seat at the table for a woman a rare sighting in the entertainment industry. Even then the patriarchy is sewn in the seams.

How have you overcome these challenges and what advice would you give to young women who are in the position you might have been a few years ago?

I basically embraced my sudo masculinity and stayed brave in the face of scrutiny. I do me. All-day. Everyday.

Everyone has that turning point in their story, sometimes more than one; what would you say was that moment for you in your journey?

Becoming a mother. My appreciation and understanding of Gods love. It’s quite transformative.

You’re quite versatile, even when one listens to your album there’s so much that can be unpacked; how important is versatility for you?

How many ways can you make a person feel? Versatility is the love child of Expression and Impression.

Did you feel pressured to produce an afro-beats track, and if so why did you decided to stick to your roots?

As far as I’m concerned Svoto is an Afro beats song. But I’m never pressured. The feeling the song gives me is what’s important.

How did growing up around so many talented people shape, especially your family; shape the kind of artist that you have become?

It moulded me positively. I sat on the shoulders of a giant so I got a heads up, as a head start.

What is your creative process like, what inspires you?
Ammara Brown | Picture Source:
Ammara Brown | Picture Source:

It’s never the same. But 9/10 melody hits me like a striking gift!

You recently did an international feature with Mr Eazi that has developed into what seems like a fruitful relationship, what was the inspiration behind svoto?

Svoto was inspired by me feeling like people should stay out of my business. I think it’s my age. I’ve got a little more hot sauce running through my veins.

You have dealt with quite a bit of loss in the recent years, yet those are the years where your career really went to the next level. How did you manage to rise above it and become greater than anyone could have imagined at the time?

I’ve experienced grieving at a pace I never thought I’d survive. I’ve grieved in ways I didn’t understand. But it all has taught me that God is Mother Nature and Father Time. God is the greatest sanctuary.

What keeps you going, what drives you? 

My son, my Ammartians, and my God. You’ve done so well this year, what can we expect from 

Ammara Brown in the future? 

Expect all my passion in a tall glass of music, videos and tours!

Ammara is certainly a legend in the making. She has successfully built on top of what her parents left for her. Hers is a wonderful story about triumph, hard work, making a name for herself and standing on her own two feet. What she’s building she intends to leave for her son and other women in the industry. Legacies are never straight forward and some are more complicated than others but what we can learn from Ammara is those legacies are what you make of them ultimately.

Article By: Camilla Sibanda
Photography: Lute Photography
Hair & Make Up: Lolo Kekana

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