Victory of Maurice Kamto: The African Union Announces A Response

The final results will be known in the next 15 days.The position of the electoral observation mission of the African Union in relation to the Cameroonian presidential election will be known in the next hours.

According to information received by Cameroon daily journal, the head of the African Union Observation Mission will give a preliminary statement on the electoral process on Tuesday, October 9 at 11 am at the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde.

This announcement comes hours after one of the opposition candidates claimed victory even before the official announcement of the results. Maurice Kamto, since he is the one he is talking to during a press conference on Monday – called the outgoing president to ensure a “peaceful transition of power?
Victory of Maurice Kamto: The African Union Announces A Response
Immediate reactions on the side of power where the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary said that the statement of Maurice Kamto was null and void.

“We can not want to govern Cameroon and get in the way of the laws that govern this country,” said Issa Tchiroma on France 24.

His colleague Fame Ndongo, also secretary of the CPDM communication, described as “crazy” and “whimsical”, the maneuver of Maurice Kamto.
“This is a narcissistic allegation that is phantasmagoria. It has no legal, political or sociological basis. It is therefore void, and it denies the facts. (…) We suspect that this is a strategy to try to win at all costs. But only the Cameroonian people is sovereign and only the ballot boxes must decide the next President of the Republic. We are not a banana republic where someone can stand up and proclaim themselves president, we are a state of law “, commented Fame Ndongo on RFI.

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