No New Cholera Deaths: Health Minister

Minister of Health and Child Care, Obadiah Moyo has said that cholera seems to have been contained as there have been no new deaths in the last five days. 

 The cholera outbreak has been declared a state of emergency and at least 49 people have died so far. In an interview with the Herald, Moyo said,
The death toll remains at 49. We continue to receive further assistance from our partners, amongst them the Chinese, who donated $200 000 towards the cause over the weekend. Otherwise, we continue to ensure that the infected receive treatment.
No New Cholera Deaths: Health Minister

Presenting a ministerial statement on the cholera outbreak to the National Assembly on Wednesday last week Moyo said,

We realise that this is a unique outbreak from those experienced earlier in that there have been high levels of resistance to antibiotics commonly available, high fatalities despite the outbreak being predominantly urban and in that it is happening in the same areas that are heavily affected by typhoid and that raises the possibility of dual infections.

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