Frank Buyanga’s AMG Expands Into Africa

The African Medallion Group (AMG) has spread its tentacles by establishing representative offices in Dubai, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia and Zambia, as it seeks to position itself as a truly global business.

This also comes as company founder Frank Buyanga has challenged the Zimbabwean government to increase beneficiation of its minerals, especially gold, to create meaningful employment and continental youths to pursue entrepreneurship for self-emancipation.
Buyanga’s AMG Expands Into Africa
Buyanga’s AMG Expands Into Africa
“At the acquisition of the Pagliari Group (Pagliari) and Cape Mint in May 2018, we said that our goal was just to expand across Africa through organic growth and strategic acquisitions,” he said, adding “our aim remains to bring (value and) real wealth to our investors, and that R100 million takeover was just the beginning of our consolidation, and leap”.
“We also remain humbled and motivated to ensure that AMG significantly contributes to the continent’s numismatic industry, and create value… by championing local beneficiation, employment creation and international exposure,” Buyanga said.

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