Beer Brawl Claims Miner’s Life

A 42-year-old Mvuma mine worker was allegedly murdered by three colleagues in cold blood during a beer brawl and his body was dumped in a 20-metre-deep shaft.

Jonathan Mpofu (42), of Mawize Village, Chitanhi, Mhondoro, was employed at Shapa mine in Mvuma, Midlands. Acting police spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident.
Beer Brawl Claims Miner’s Life
Beer Brawl Claims Miner’s Life
On the fateful day at around 9:30pm, Mpofu was drinking beer at Zagija bar in Nyikavanhu with two other workmates.

One of the suspects, Victor Mukono, grabbed a beer belonging to Mpofu’s friend and began scolding him for showing off at the beer outlet.

Mukwende said during the brawl, the co-workers fled the scene leaving Mpofu being assaulted.

The following day at around 8am, one of Mpofu’s workmates discovered his lifeless body in the 20-metre-deep mine shaft.

Said Mukwende:

Mukono then demanded that the friend buy him beer and that’s when Mpofu intervened and the three suspects ganged up on him and began strangling and slapping him.
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