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Zimbabwe Is The Only Country We Have - Please Stop Being So Negative About It!

Memories that will Never Go. It was a day that l will never forget. Sitting in the classroom our teacher was busy teaching us.  All of a ...

Memories that will Never Go. It was a day that l will never forget. Sitting in the classroom our teacher was busy teaching us. 

All of a sudden, we saw the whole school was covered in green and red. Seeing through the classroom windows, soldiers jumping into our classroom through the windows shouting dissident. Holding guns with knives in front. One soldier just hit one of the students on his head with the back of his gun and this student happened to be my uncle. His blood covered half of the students me included. No body screamed. I was 15 to witness such.

We were told to run outside to the Assembly Point where the whole students were standing. We were told not to move nor cry nor shout Teachers came running some without shirts some with pants only a soldier behind beating them. They were told to lie down on the ground and were beaten in front of the whole school children. Stabbed with knives at the back of their heads, there was blood flow all over. The students were all shivering like leaves. We were then told to go to the football ground and line up according to our heights. We did, including the injured teachers and students. Those injured were told not to go to the hospital.
Zimbabwe Is The Only Country We Have - Please Stop Being So Negative About It!
After lining up we were taught some songs and were told to sing. We were also taught how to march like soldiers and if you go the opposite direction as others you will receive a slap and told not to cry. Later all girls from Grade 7 me included the 15year olds were taken to the bush. When we got there, there were tents pots and fire made already. We were given buckets and were told to go and fetch water with 20litres buckets. 3 soldiers went with us. When we came back we were asked to cook food and open the tins of beef. After cooking we were distributed. One girl one soldier in their tents.

We were forced to eat with them whether you like the food or not, but you had to. Time to go home passed. Rest of the school children had gone and were told to come back to school the next day even though the teachers were beaten to death. That night girls were forced to sleep with the soldiers. 15 year olds who didn't have a clue what was it like to get into bed with a man. Mid night we were accompanied to our homes with these soldiers and were warned not to say a thing at home but again to come back to School next day. I was a very bright kid at School from Grade one l was always Number one and l was a runner and l played netball. I could see that my life was finished. I couldn't sleep nor eat at home. I would take my plate and look at it and feel sick. No concentration at School at all.
This fetching water, cooking and washing clothes for these soldiers continued and there were sleeping with us every day they didn't care and think that we were under age. I remember one day l fell ill my stomach was very painful was feeling sick vomiting and having diarrhoea told the Captain of the Soldiers the one who happened to be the one who was forcing me to sleep with him. He gave me tablets and l became worse. Something came out and when l described it to a teacher and she told me that l had a miscarriage that means l was pregnant. I did not go to the hospital for check-ups because l was told not to.

At home l was hiding this illness. End of the year of 1983 we wrote our final Grade 7 exams. Now everyday l was home and afternoon a soldier will be sent to come and get me. The bottom line of the story is l thought since this happened years ago its done and dusted, but I was wrong. I get nightmares being forced. I now hate man to an extent that if a man touches me l feel like punching them. What kind of life is that? Everything that happened when l was 15 is now fresh l can't eat sometimes if l think of it, l am scared of knives l hate blood so much that l feel sick once l see it. I cry sometimes myself to sleep. I am single now because of the abuse l went through as a child.

Source - Thabiso Mabena

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