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Another Caution To Nelson Chamisa Ahead Of ED's Inauguration

On 27 July 2018, I wrote a piece titled, "Caution To Nelson Chamisa And MDC Alliance" I acknowledged that Chamisa was popular (in ...

On 27 July 2018, I wrote a piece titled, "Caution To Nelson Chamisa And MDC Alliance" I acknowledged that Chamisa was popular (in terms of support base) than ED, I warned Chamisa that agreeing to participate in an election without electoral reforms was a huge experiment just like the BREXIT, I warned Chamisa and team that they had agreed to board an airplane leaking Aviation Fuel. This piece therefore seeks to caution Nelson Chamisa again ahead of ED's inauguration.

I am overconfident that Nelson Chamisa has just been deprived of his victory but the painful truth is that, ED and ZANU PF have just been legitimized to lead Zimbabwe following the coup against R.G. Mugabe (Mnangagwa zvake zvaita). It pains me to watch the 'wicked prosper' while the innocent is denied of his right. My be God has something in store for Zimbabweans, remember Saul massacred more than 20,000 innocent Christians but God intervened on his (Saul) way to Damascus.
Another Caution To Nelson Chamisa Ahead Of ED's Inauguration
When I was perusing through the history of presidential elections in Zimbabwe since 1980 I only saw the late Morgan Tsvangirai and Nelson Chamisa punching ZANU PF's forehead. I have no doubt that the graves of these two gentlemen are already reserved at our National Shrine. Time shall come when the bones of Tsvangirai and Ndabaningi Sithole will be taken to the national shrine. Just like the bones of Mbuya Nehanda that resurrected the struggle, I have no doubt that the bones of Tsvangirai will rise to inspire our struggle.

My first caution to Chamisa is on his probable strategies of solving his dispute with ED. I am confident beyond probability that Judge Chigumba and ZEC rigged ED in and I have no doubt that Chamisa has a granite evidence that can nullify the election of ED if Zimbabwe was Kenya or South Africa. But because Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe, I want to urge Chamisa not to waste his time and money seeking justice from ZANU PF infiltrated courts. It is better to fight for the logo and name of his party rather than taking ED to Zimbabwe courts.

Taking ED to Zimbabwe courts is a futile exercise, it is just like trying to land 'on' the sun by a helicopter or domesticating crocodiles in a home' swimming pool and feed them with vegetables. ZANU PF will make sure that they will keep Chamisa busy in order for him to forget about electoral reforms and only to remember them six months before 2023 elections. This is time for Chamisa to look for justice from the public court (but not to remove ED) because even earthquake cannot manage to remove the Chamisa legitimized ED but MDC alliance can push for the removal of Justice Chigumba and the personnel of ZEC from security services. This can be done through constitution backed demonstrations.
The focus for Chamisa should be on electoral reforms and not reporting ED to ED. MDC alliance has a lot of work to do and cannot even finish that work within 5 years. Chamisa is still young and has demonstrated his capabilities. This is the time for him to consolidate his power within his movement.

The second caution to Chamisa is on his work relations with ZANU PF. I am convinced that ED will request Chamisa to join his government may be through a coalition of some sort (possibly government of national unity). ED knows the potential of MDC alliance to the economy of Zimbabwe and he knows that working with Chamisa team will improve Zimbabwe's relations with the international community. It will be a mistake if Chamisa is going to accept the offer (in case of been offered chance to join ED government). I am not saying that working with ZANU PF is a bad idea but Chamisa can still work with ZANU PF government while outside ZANU PF government.

ZANU PF may also want to neutralize Chamisa by bringing him into their tent, it once happened with MDC T during the GNU following 2008 elections. MDC T did not get time to organize themselves for the 2013 elections, they even forgot the electoral reforms and that resulted in their defeat just like what happened in the 2018 elections.
Another Caution To Nelson Chamisa Ahead Of ED's Inauguration
Finally, Chamisa should be careful with the way he is going to engage the international community especially Europe and America because ZANU PF will use it as a campaigning tool at home. At one point in time, ZANU PF government blamed the alleged 'Tsvangirai sanctions' when they were trying to defend their failures. Chamisa should block that loop hole because, when ZANU PF misses the ball 'it takes the man.'.


To ED the president of the republic of Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans want him to improve and not to send his ministers to inaugurate the official openings of bins during his 100 days in power. Zimbabweans are expecting ED to implement electoral reforms during his first 100 days in power, Diaspora people should be allowed to vote. Above all ED should not recycle most of his incompetent team of ministers like his Vice Presidents and Chinamasa among others. I am only confident with two ministers in his previous cabinet. The economy of Zimbabwe is complex, it needs wise leaders and not sick and tired ministers
Zimbabweans are looking for ED to produce Itai Dzamara (in any status) and that should be done in his 20days in power. I am also looking forward to work with ED from the opposition corridor and promise to critique his conduct and policies objectively.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist can be found on Twitter @Donchigumba

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Source - Don Chigumba