This Was ‘The Worst Week Of My Life’ Says Jah Prayzah As He Suffers Over 5 Disasters In A Single Week

Jah Prayzah has described the week leading to his attack at Glen Forest Memorial Park as the worst week of his life. He was at his former security chief Chris Nyemba’s burial when a mob attacked him, hurling stones and missiles at him, before he ran for his life.

Speaking exclusively to H-Metro, Jah said there been a lot near tragedies in his life in the week leading to yesterday.

“This has been the worst week of my life, it started last Friday when I was on my way to Masvingo for a show. The first thing that happened was my car radio speakers blew and I just took it as a small incident and proceeded with the journey.

“Then we were passing through Mvuma (I was driving) I saw a tire from my own car overtaking me. It was scary but we survived that again leading to a two-hour delay.

Keen (Mushapaidze, his manager)had to come and get us with his car to proceed to Masvingo,” said Jah.
This Was ‘The Worst Week Of My Life’ Says Jah Prayzah As He Suffers Over 5 Disasters In A Single Week
There was more bad news in Masvingo, there was a bumper crowd of over 2000 people but we were told there were technical problems with the sound system, hanzi maspeaker anaiwa and the show was cancelled. “That was so demoralizing.”

But there was more near misfortune for Jah and his team.

“After that I asked Keen and the guys to buy some food at Chicken Inn and after he parked his car, another vehicle came from nowhere and crashed into the car that was right next to his car,” said Jah.

But it was a phone call from his mother that must have made Jah connect the dots leading to yesterday’s attack.

“The next day I got a call from my mother and she said she had a bad dream and wanted to know if I was fine. I chose not to tell her about the (aforementioned) events and told her we are fine.

“Then came the Castle Braai Show where there was so much congestion because of the over 15 000 people who attended and I could not get on stage on time leading to some cans and bottles thrown at my band by impatient fans,” Jah narrated.

“I woke up the following morning to news of Chris’ death and that was even more devastating, I went to his home to pay my condolences and waited to attend his burial.

“Then I got to the burial today (yesterday) and this (the attack on him that saw missiles being thrown at him) happens.

“I do not know what tomorrow has in store for me my brother,” concluded a clearly moved Jah Prayzah.

Source - HMetro

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