Willow Smith Nude Photo Claim NOT True

Willow Smith did NOT post a nude photo of herself on Instagram, despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can expose the truth.

The sensational claim comes from MediaTakeOut, which blares in a poorly-written headline, “MTO Shicker: Underage Willow Smith… Posts A NUDE PIC… Of Herself On INSTAGRAM… Is That LEGAL DO DO THAT???” Yes, that’s two grammatical/spelling errors in one headline. But that’s not the only problem here.

The site writes in the accompanying story, “Jada and Will’s daughter Willow Smith is just 15 years old — far too young to be posting explicit images of herself on Instagram. But Will’s daughter posted a pic YESTERDAY (which is animated) that shows the teenager TOPLESS.” The story leads readers to believe the teen actually shared a real-life picture of herself in which she’s naked. That is NOT the case.
Willow Smith Nude Photo Claim NOT True
What Smith actually did share was a drawing made by an artist named Gabriella. The art work, which can be seen below, does indeed depict a woman without a shirt. But to deem that person Smith and say she posted “explicit images of herself” is ridiculous.
Smith merely bears a passing resemblance to the cartoonish character. And it’s one of many drawings from other people that the star has shared on her social media page. But did she actually post an explicit, naked picture of herself as MediaFakeOut claims? No. Don’t fall for the blatant clickbait.

Furthermore, MTO couldn’t even get basic facts right, claiming Smith posted the picture in question “yesterday,” when she actually shared it four days ago. Lastly, if the webloid really did consider this a “nude pic” of the “underage” 15-year-old… why did the outlet think it was okay to repost it? The issue here isn’t with Smith. It’s with the inaccurate and gross. MediaTakeOut.
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