Mudzidzi Wimbo At It Again - Ignites Mnangagwa's Rise Through Prophetic Help

Last year, (now President-designate Emmerson) Mnangagwa visited Mudzidzi Wimbo at his shrine and got involved in bizarre church rite with the popular prophet, telling the gathering that the VP needed help to ascend to presidency.

At the meeting that was held, ostensibly to raise funds for a new school, Mnangagwa was told by Wimbo, also known as Mudzidzi Majinetsa, that it is time he gets others to put shoulder on the wheel.

Wimbo, who initially had said he was not going to speak, sat slouched in a sofa as Mnangagwa delivered his speech, and suddenly changed his mind and ordered him into his holy ground and started to prophesy.

With Mnangagwa in tow, Wimbo walked with so much difficulty, with two men supporting him as he wobbled through the grounds. He then ordered the Midlands godfather, known as the Crocodile, to follow him step by step.
Mudzidzi Wimbo At It Again - Ignites Mnangagwa's Rise Through Prophetic Help
At intervals, Wimbo stopped, and many of his followers, apparently pumped up by the rare occurrence of having a VP in their midst, went into trances ostensibly because the Holy Spirit was in control.

And through an interpreter, Wimbo the prophet said, "Anoda (Mnangagwa) kubatsirwa, angazvigona seiko ari oga. Handizive kuti ndoita zvipiko. Varikunditevera ndi teverei nekuno. (I don't know what I should do, the man needs help, he is helpless on his own. Those who are following me as I walk, take this direction)."
As he spoke, the rabble roared with many dressed in pink, white, sky blue and light green garments speaking in tongues, but the prophesy was so brief and left many in suspense.

In the country's tumultuous political field, religion has become a source of strength and at times the means to power for many politicians.

Source - Daily News

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