Jah Prayzah Wanted VIP Treatment At Funeral

Revelations emerging are that the prominent musician, Jah Prayzah was allegedly attacked at the grave yard yesterday because 'showed no concern for a bouncer who protected him for a long time', Zimbuzz reported.

According to another bouncer believed to have been close to the late Crispen Nyemba "Jah Prayzah was attacked and chased away from Chris' funeral is because he showed no concern for a bouncer who protected him for a long time"

The bouncer also told the publication that "Jah owed him (Crispen) a lot of money but he failed to contribute even a cent for the funeral, we called him asking for assistance with coffin payments and he kept saying that he was in a meeting."
Jah Prayzah Wanted VIP Treatment At Funeral
According the report the bouncers ended up seeking for help for Harare businessman and Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa.

"Imagine we had to call Mudhara Phidza (Philip Chiyangwa) for assistance and he paid for the burial order and all the stuff, but Jah did not contribute anything yet he was not paying him his dues during the time he worked for him," the bouncer told Zimbuzz.

The source also told Zimbuzz that the atmosphere was already charged and Jah Prayzah made the mistake of asking for VIP treatment.

Apparently, by the time of his death, Crispen, was no longer serving as Jah Prayzah's bouncer.

"When he arrived with his bouncers they were clearing the way by shoving people for him to pass through, that's when people turned on him and started attacking him," he said.

Source - ZimBuzz

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