Cameroon Is A Ticking Time Bomb - Kissing Robert Mugabe Out, Kissing Paul Biya Next!!

93 years old Robert Mugabe, erstwhile president of the republic of Zimbabwe, would have never had dreamt to leave power in such a dramatic fashion. Only yesterday when he commanded so much respect in all fiefs of Zimbabwe’s life, Mugabe is now languishing in a bungalow in what is now confirmed as a house arrest.

It is very clear, Robert Mungabe, the onetime strong man of Zimbabwe, is no longer president of the largely impoverished nation. He was booted out by the military on Wednesday November 14, 2017, in a bloodless coup that has also seen many of his allies jailed. A Zimbabwean army officer, Major General Sibusiso Moyo, went on TV after the takeover to say Mr Mugabe and his family were “safe and sound and their security is guaranteed”.
Cameroon Is A Ticking Time Bomb - Kissing Robert Mugabe Out, Kissing Paul Biya Next!!
Mr Mugabe, 93, has dominated the impoverished country’s political scene since it gained independence from the UK in 1980.

Cameroon Is A Ticking Time Bomb
In such a dramatic fashion and after getting information on the trend of events in Hararre, Zimbabwe, 83 years old Paul Biya, quickly dispatched the military to secure Cameroon’s border in all 10 regions of the country. He has placed security on a red alert all across the country. Perhaps, being proactive of pre-empting the Zimbabwe saga from rocking Cameroun.

Biya, a modern Hitler, prides himself as a lucky seminarian, especially as his reign as president of Cameroun would have sharply ended even before it started. He survived a coup in 1984, two years after scheming power. Perhaps, he is convinced, there still live a radio technician in every Camerounese, who can quell any possible coup.

Unfortunately, it is always said once beaten, twice shy. Biya knows very well that even his toilet cleaner doesn’t love him. He suspects every ally of his and quenches any emerging opponent. His only confident at the moment is the military, and he diverts all national financial resources to pleasing the men in uniform.

Biya spends 90% of Cameroun’s revenue on the military. He makes those at the top to live ostentatious life, as long as they coordinate their troops well and never compromise his grip on power. However, like they say, it is your favourite child that ends up betraying you. Not so long from now, Cameroun will be under siege as the case of Zimbabwe.

Paul Biya will be ousted soon given a public bath so he pays for all the atrocities and economic deprivation he’s put the nation into. Whatever clairvoyance he plays at the moment, it is clear that nemesis will catch up with him and he will receive his own share of the international disgrace.

As the kissing Mugabe who has served Zimbabwe for 37 years leaves the stage, Paul Biya, 35 years as Cameroun’s president is on the touchline. He is warming while waiting for his turn to take the public disgrace. When that time eventually comes, all those sycophants running the country as though it were a tribe, will be completely wiped out from the history of Cameroon. However, there’s still an injury time where he and his cohorts, can give away power peacefully and go on a well-deserved rest. Otherwise, he will eat his pie soon.

By Lucas Muama - Managing Editor – BaretaNews
Source - BaretaNews

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