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Cameroon - Brewing Companies: UCB Denies The Entry Of Dangote Into Its Capital

The company founded in 1970 by the billionaire Joseph Kadji Defosso reiterates that UCB is and remains "100% Cameroonian". Camer...

The company founded in 1970 by the billionaire Joseph Kadji Defosso reiterates that UCB is and remains "100% Cameroonian".

Cameroon's breweries (Sabc) published its 2016 activity report on its website on Saturday 24 June. In the document submitted to the general public, Sabc analyzed the performance of the competition in terms of sales, notably on the beer market. At this level, the company obtained 74% of market share, ahead of Guinness (15%) and UCB (10%). It should be noted that in 2016, overall beer sales were estimated at 6.5 million hectoliters, according to the Sabc report.

However, the company noted an improvement in performance among its competitors, in this case at UCB, which " also achieved an increase of 31% in 2016 with an estimated volume of 620,000 hl compared to 470,000 hl in 2015 ". Sabc continues its analysis of competition by stating in its report that "UCB has allied itself with Dangote capital-intensive ", according to the report.
The information abundantly relayed by the online press made UCB react: " This information insinuating that Dangote would have shares in the capital of UCB are devoid of any veracity. We hope that this is not an unwillingness to tarnish our image. Indeed, Dangote was never a shareholder of UCB. We remain an incontestable link to the economic development of our country and can not base our activities on concealed actions as reported on the web. We are and remain 100% Cameroonian and proud to be! "Notes the company in a right of reply addressed to our colleagues to Invest in Cameroon this Friday.

For its part, the management of Sabc issued a statement saying that " this information was intended for strictly internal use to the attention of our shareholders, was relayed by the press. To the extent that we are not empowered and able to confirm this information, we apologize to the public and the public for this unwanted / planned publication . "

According to our colleagues in the company Les Brasseries du Cameroun, several authorized sources continue to support, under anonymity, the veracity of information on the arrival of Dangote in the capital of UCB.