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Breaking Celebrity News - The 10 Most Influential Celebrities Online

Viral DotComs ranks the top 10 most powerful celebrities on social networking sites. The richest actors, actresses, athletes, etc., are rank...

Viral DotComs ranks the top 10 most powerful celebrities on social networking sites. The richest actors, actresses, athletes, etc., are ranked in this list of world's most popular celebrities and have come up as sweethearts on many social sites. 

These are the 10 popular celebrities in the world ranked as per social sites popularity rankings.

#1. Rihanna
Facebook Fans: 71,579,124 (#1)
Twitter Followers: 29,892,503 (#5)
Klout Score: 93

With an average of seven tweets per day, Rihanna never shies away from an opportunity to share with her fans. Not only does she share often, she shares honestly. Rihanna's fans love getting her unfiltered thoughts and uncensored selfies through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No other celeb gives such an inside look at stardom. Rihanna made the top of our list this year with the fifth-most popular Twitter account, the second-highest Klout score, and the most popular Facebook page. She's also the most-viewed star on YouTube with 3.79 billion views to her music videos.

#2. Justin Bieber
Facebook Fans: 53,845,619 (#7)
Twitter Followers: 40,077,846 (#1)
Klout Score: 93

When Justin Bieber tweets, Beliebers listen. Justin is the number one user on Twitter, and while he was once usurped by Lady Gaga, she's never been as active as this 19-year-old star who tweets an average of eight times per day. Every one of Justin's tweets seems to be retweeted thousands of times, and the quickest way to get famous on Twitter is to have the mighty @justinbieber tweet at you.

#3. Lady Gaga
Facebook Fans: 57,472,979
Twitter Followers: 38,000,623
Klout Score: 92

Lady Gaga suffered a tour-ending hip injury earlier this year, after which her online activity dwindled to almost nothing. Yet she's remained one of the most influential celebs online. If it weren't for her near-withdrawal from Twitter, perhaps she'd still be trading places with Justin Bieber for the site's top honors as most followed. Of course it's entirely possible she's been too busy working on her upcoming album, ARTPOP, to tweet too often. Or maybe after so many critics complained of Gaga overexposure it's all just a shrewd move to ensure she maintains her powerful level of influence over her army of Little Monsters.

#4. Katy Perry
Facebook Fans: 54,092,988
Twitter Followers: 37,491,632
Klout Score: 92

With a Pinterest-ready penchant for retro styles and an unabashed enthusiasm for all things cat-related, Katy Perry truly speaks the language of the Internet. She's also mastered the art of sharing without oversharing. She's not the kind of celeb who puts herself in a position of needing to delete a tweet or apologize for one.

#5. Shakira

Facebook Fans: 65,112,104
Twitter Followers: 20,839,778
Klout Score: 91

When Shakira gave birth to her son, Milan, in January, many of her fans learned about it directly from her. Shakira tweeted, "Milan Piqué Mebarak" on Jan. 22, along with a link to a detailed birth announcement. That brief message was retweeted more than 16,000 times. Likewise her Facebook posts tend to be shared tens of thousands of times with Likes that regularly surpass the 1 million mark. This international star's worldwide fanbase has turned her into one of the Internet's top celebrity influencers with the most popular bilingual Facebook page.

#6. Taylor Swift
Facebook Fans: 43,628,091
Twitter Followers: 28,790,534
Klout Score: 91

More than any other star on this list, Taylor Swift is poised to move up the ranks next year. That's because with an average of 37,000 new Twitter followers per day, Taylor has the fastest-growing account on the site. It helps that the star's girl-next-door image is perfectly in sync with the pictures of her adorable cat she likes to post. And her selfie style is exactly what fans are looking for from a star whose wardrobe looks like a walking Pinterest board.

#7. Britney Spears
Facebook Fans: 26,987,125
Twitter Followers: 27,736,904
Klout Score: 96

With the highest Klout score on this list, Britney Spears knows how to work social media, regularly interacting with both her fans and other famous friends. She uses social media to build anticipation for new music and shows as well as share pictures of her family and show off her sharp sense of humor.

#8. Lil Wayne
Facebook Fans: 45,686,402
Twitter Followers: 11,903,624
Klout Score: 93

When Lil Wayne suffered a seizure in March 2013, it was through social media that he assured fans he was on the road to recovery, and not (as rumor had it) on the brink of death. Besides using social media to give fans information direct from the source, the hip-hop entrepreneur also uses his online presence to promote his favorite clothing brands, and to talk about sports (everything from basketball to hockey).

#9. Cristiano Ronaldo
Facebook Fans: 57,754,758
Twitter Followers: 18,745,596
Klout Score: 90

Europe's most famous soccer players rarely develop a following in the U.S., but Cristiano Ronaldo has proven to be the exception to the rule. The shrewd athlete and self-promoter has used Twitter and Facebook to connect with fans globally, building the fourth-largest following on Facebook.

#10. Justin Timberlake
Facebook Fans: 22,838,736
Twitter Followers: 21,130,793
Klout Score: 92
Justin Timberlake's sense of humor isn't something he keeps in his pocket until it's time to break it out for Saturday Night Live. To get a sense of his real sense of humor, check out his Twitter, where he regularly cracks up his followers. And while Justin certainly has an active Facebook following, he might prefer if you checked him out on the newly relaunched MySpace since he's now a key promoter of the site.
Breaking Celebrity News - The 10 Most Influential Celebrities Online

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