Why the Brits voted to leave the European Union

Many are wondering why the UK would vote to leave the relative safety of the EU and many voters took to social media to explain their reasons

On Friday morning the result of the European Referendum was announced, with the Leave camp garnering 51,9% of the vote. The move that shocked markets also lead to the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister.

Braving isolation from the EU, Britain chose to leave, wilfully walking off a cliff and deciding to go it alone without the assistance of the EU bloc.
Why the Brits voted to leave the European Union
A Los Angeles Times opinion piece has predicted catastrophic fall-out from the decision. These range from a potential recession, the tumbling of the pound’s value, and the potential for each UK household to lose £4,300.

Why would voters be willing to take such a massive risk? Some of the sentiments from the Leave campaign include the fear of being overwhelmed by the refugee crisis with the influx of migrant labour from poorer EU countries leading to an overburdened social system and low wages.

On Friday morning #IvotedLeave was trending on social media. Voters took to Twitter to explain why they voted to leave the EU.

Additional reporting: Los Angeles Times

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