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Sophie Ndaba set for an appearance on Isidingo

Actress and well-known TV personality Sophie Ndaba has landed a role on one of the SABC's best-loved soapies Move over, Queen! On 7 Sept...

Actress and well-known TV personality Sophie Ndaba has landed a role on one of the SABC's best-loved soapies

Move over, Queen! On 7 September 2016 Sophie Ndaba will grace our small screens in the role of Nkadimeng on SABC3’s Isidingo.

Sophie says it’s always great to be thought of by producers, especially for a tailor-made role.

“Producers will tell you, ‘we saw two or three faces, but we’d like to see you in the role’, then they would share the script and the character before asking if you’d be keen. It’s very different from getting a brief from an agent asking you to audition. The producers themselves see you as a potential for that role and you never really know until you have a synergy with the persons you’re going to act with. So for me, it was very important to see the connections I have with my fellow-actors as well, because there’s no point in saying yes to a role you see no connection with.”

Sophie will be playing Nkadimeng, whom she describes as your typical kasi woman. “I love Nkadimeng because she’s a true representation of what it means to be a kasi woman. She’s a single mother with daughters from different fathers (and thus different cultures) and yes, I know she tends to pretend, but it’s simply to portray a good image for society.”
Sophie Ndaba set for an appearance on Isidingo
Furthermore, Sophie describes Nkadimeng as a woman who aspires to be like Kris Jenner simply because of her love of fashion. Even though she can’t afford the Gucci and Prada, she knows how to put a good outfit together. Beyond that, she’s a mother who wants only the best for her daughters.

Sophie already shot 10 scenes with the Isidingo cast last week, but will only be appearing on our screens on 7 September 2016 for an undetermined period.

The star says she is focused on growing her personal brand as a businesswoman.

“I run my wedding planning and interior decorating business as well as a renovations company. My events company is gaining global traction as I just got back from Italy and will hopefully be heading to Rome and France soon.

“I’m quite excited about the direction I’m taking as a businesswoman. In the TV arena, I’ve started a production house after the SABC announced that they’re going to empower black women to venture into that field. Five years from now we’ll be having a different conversation, but for now I’m in no hurry. I’m starting with one show that we’re hoping the SABC will give the green light for.”

Isidingo has seen many big adjustments this year. Actress Kgomotso Christopher announced her departure from the show earlier this year, to pursue new acting opportunities. Actor and businessman Shona Ferguson has also since made an appearance as Thapelo “Tyson” Mokoena, a handsome, charming politician and brother of Katlego Sibeko (played by Kgomotso Christopher).