Man gets stuck when having sex with a married woman in Tharaka Nithi, pays for it

A Matatu driver was caught red handed, stuck fast on another man’s wife after a night of unbridled debauchery on the back seat of a Matatu.

Villagers in Magembe, Tharaka-Nithi county, woke up to the oddity on a Matatu that had been parked by the roadside. A driver was found at 6 am struggling frantically to disengage himself from his partner beneath him.

The two lovers had agreed to spend a night together with a matatu party as starters. Unfortunately, after the act, neither of them could extricate themselves.

The woman’s husband who was one of the first people at the scene made a demand for monetary compensation in order to separate the two. The driver who was sweating profusely at the time agreed to pay him KSh 10,000 for messing with his wife.
Man gets stuck when having sex with a married woman in Tharaka Nithi, pays for it
When the money changed hands, the man, according to Nairobi news, uttered incomprehensible incantations and the two were able to disengage. Witnesses of the early morning drama said that the couple’s private parts had swelled from the nigh-long struggle to disengage themselves.
The residents explained the incidence as witchcraft. The husband had sought help from a local juju man to help him tame his wayward wife.

he practice is not uncommon in Kenya. Sometimes, the whole affair ends tragically. A while back, a couple asphyxiated when the man whose adulterous woman got stuck in the act demanded for an air ticket to travel from coast.

When his demands were not met, he refused to travel to where the couple was.

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