Husband Uses Black Magic To Teach His Wife A Lesson

A senior Administration Police (AP) officer and his married lover were allegedly cursed by the woman’s hubby who decided to teach the cheating couple a lesson.

According to the Nairobian, residents of Mikindani in Mombasa gathered to witness how other APs from the local chief’s camp ‘evacuated’ the two using a police van before taking them to the chief’s camp.

A crowd surrounded the offices demanding to see the stuck couple. However, area MCA Karisa Nzai intervened in time to calm residents who were engaging police in running battles forcing them to use tear gas.
Husband Uses Black Magic To Teach His Wife A Lesson
Reportedly, police lobbed teargas canisters at onlookers to “clear the road”.
Though one of the residents said the couple was at the camp when the police decided to move them “to an unknown destination”, other officers insisted the ‘locking’ incident never occurred.

As The Nairobian reports, eyewitnesses said the husband was earlier at the scene demanding to be paid KSh 100,000 compensation before he could ‘toa lock’ and release them.

Later, unverified rumours had it that the man who was stuck in the act had died because of the charm.

Martin Mulwa, a lawyer who hails from Ukambani made a comment to the story:“There are two types of kamuti (juju) for married couples. There is one that makes the man’s member go lame every time he is with a woman who isn’t his wife. The antidote, he said, has to come from a real medicine man, not fake specialists.”

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