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The Habits of Exceptionally Flexible (and Successful) People

Be prepared for changes in your business environment--and prosper from them--by being flexible instead of rigid in your beliefs and actions....

Be prepared for changes in your business environment--and prosper from them--by being flexible instead of rigid in your beliefs and actions. An inflexible mind jumps to conclusions before gathering all of the facts. Many of us have made the mistake of forming an opinion about someone before he or she finished speaking, only to find out later that our opinion was way off.

Flexibility allows us to set our personal beliefs and prejudices aside and truly observe and listen to varying points of view--opening our eyes to new ways of viewing the world around us.

"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief."
-- Gerry Spence

Those with flexibility tend to be the happiest and most successful in life and at work. Here are 11 ways the truly flexible live their lives.
The Habits of Exceptionally Flexible (and Successful) People
1. They seek comfort in what is
Instead of holding on to how they wish things were, they embrace how things are by appreciating those things that are going right in their lives.

2. They are adaptable
Exceptionally flexible people adapt quickly to new situations and tend to be prepared at all times with a Plan A, B & C (and, D if necessary).

3. They stay in control
They pause before reacting. They understand that there are many solutions to any given situation and they take the time to gather information before choosing their best option.

4. They don't get defensive
When receiving criticism from their boss, instead of becoming defensive, flexible people remain receptive and consider what is being said before choosing an appropriate reaction. They understand that receiving honest and candid criticism--and acting positively toward it--can only make them better.

5. They think on their feet
Flexible people aren't afraid to change their opinions as they take in new information.

6. They multitask with ease
Because of their incredible flexibility, they can easily switch tasks midstream and work on multiple projects at the same time. They have an innate ability to change their global way of thinking to a much more precise way of thinking when necessary.

7. They're creative
Flexible people tend to be the true innovators. They view the world through an open and creative lens. They thrive on discovering more efficient ways to achieve, and they create new systems that are beneficial to everyone.

8. They have a high emotional intelligence

They are great empathizers and listeners, and tend to be very perceptive of others' feelings and what they are thinking.

9. They trust themselves

They have a strong sense of themselves, and they trust and follow their inner voice.

10. They see the humor in life
Their flexibility allows them to see the humorous side of life's struggles with an easygoing, take-it-task-by-task-and-day-by-day attitude.

11. They are well liked
Because they listen to the opinions of others and are so willing to help out when needed, others tend to gravitate to them and they are well liked.