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The Essential Golden Traits Of A True African Woman

Our society today tries so hard to copy the west. You wouldn’t find any urban mannerisms that can’t be traced back to foreign lands. Of cour...

Our society today tries so hard to copy the west. You wouldn’t find any urban mannerisms that can’t be traced back to foreign lands. Of course it’s good to keep up with the world and to develop. Information and knowledge are powerful tool s to acquire on a day to day basis.

So powerful like Thor’s hammer. So we can’t really point fingers here. But everyone has a responsibility to regulate whatever they see or hear. Despite all the modernization and the discarding of certain cultures, there are 5 golden traits that a true African woman must have.

She Fears God
So morality has dwindled to deplorable levels and it can be argued that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Sinning has become fun and some people are even bold enough to question God’s existence. That’s so wrong. I have no problem with anyone who decides to live life large and enjoy all the pleasures that the world gives. I do so myself, But one should never forget about God. A true African woman isn’t all about partying from Friday to Sunday. She goes to church and never forgets to pray.

Knows How to Cook
I know I have stressed on this too much but it is a necessity. A rue African woman should know how to cook. Chapati, Ugali, Fufu,,Matoke or other popular meals depending on where she comes from. She doesn’t have to be perfect but she should at least try. The meals should be delicious or tolerable enough for you to want to add more. When a true African woman cooks, you don’t struggle to finish the plate but clear it within minutes. Some can even mumble obscenities at you when you request for a cooked meal.
The Essential Golden Traits Of A True African Woman
Good fashions sense
Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is cool but a true African woman shouldn’t go to the extreme. Planting tones of make up on your face so that it looks like you are actually wearing a mask is not cool. Some women can even put on makeup and go rob a bank then remove the makeup and no one will ever know it was them. A true African woman always dresses decently. She knows what kind of attire to put on for each occasion and what beauty products to use. There is never an air of absurdity about her appearance.

Respects and builds her man
A true African woman respects her boyfriend or husband. She treats him well and helps him to be a better man. She doesn’t allow him to reel in indecisions. I happened to read a Facebook post of one pencil artist from Kisumu who drew President Uhuru Kenyatta to perfection. As a result, the guy by the name Collins finally got the chance to meet the head of state. Since then, he has been bombarded with interviews and all the doors of fortune have opened for him. The artist by the name of Collins said that were it not for his girlfriend, he would never have finished that portrait. He almost gave up because there were so many details involved. That revelation really got me thinking. Some great men haven’t become great by their efforts alone but also by the belief and support of their women. And that’s just a beautiful thing. Build your men ladies.

She adores children
A true African woman adores children and treats them with unsurpassed love. On the issue of children, I have said this before, you can easily tell a woman’s attitude towards children by the way she handles s*x. If she is always ready to swallow e-pills every time or undergo abortions, she doesn’t value children. A woman who loves children would not put herself at risk of becoming barren. She always insists on safe practices when making love. And when a good African woman does get children, she ensures they grow up to be respectable humans in society. Mwali