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Chamisa successfully registers as a lawyer

By Staff Reporter Former ICT Minister and Kuwadzana (MDC-T) MP Nelson Chamisa is now a registered lawyer. On Wednesday Chamisa was formerly ...

By Staff Reporter
Former ICT Minister and Kuwadzana (MDC-T) MP Nelson Chamisa is now a registered lawyer. On Wednesday Chamisa was formerly and officially admitted as a legal practitioner at the High Court before Justice Lavender Makoni.

“The development marks the beginning of yet another exciting chapter in the expedition to locate significance and value in the turn of our national affairs. I have sworn to loyally serve my country severally,” Chamisa said.

“I have done this before as an MP and as Cabinet Minister in the inclusive government. I have served in the three arms of the state, the legislature, executive and now the judiciary. Today was particularly special because of the new opportunities that lie ahead of me,” the youthful legislator said.

Chamisa had gone into hibernation since Sunday after a shock defeat to fellow lawyer Douglas Mwonzora in the hotly contested election for Secretary General at the MDC-T congress over the weekend. Speculation over what he would do next mounted after state media reports claimed he would form his own party.

On Tuesday Chamisa rubbished the reports and cleared the air in his first post congress interview telling US based radio station Studio 7 (Voice of America) that “I believe in the MDC, I am a child of the MDC. I am a child of the revolution; I am a revolutionary. Revolutionaries don’t jump ship.”
Former ICT Minister and Kuwadzana (MDC-T) MP Nelson Chamisa
“I will not take to a court issues that are supposed to be dealt with internally. I don’t belong to the politics of confusion and anarchy. I believe in domestic remedies.

“I believe in internal politics being confined to internal corridors. I don’t believe that if I have any grievance, which I have not even expressed as of now, I would take it to outside jurisdiction other than the domestic jurisdiction within the party.

“In fact, I’m going to issue a statement at the appropriate time on the issue of the process to do with Congress once I have conversed and discussed with my principal, the president and other leaders on the course forward,” he added.

According to political commentator Sanderson Makombe “Chamisa lost because he opposed Morgan Tsvangirai’s idea of centralising power into his office, an idea that Mwonzora supported.

“You would remember the same MDC through (Morgen) Komichi had constituted a constitutional review committee for the same, ideas which were rejected by the NC (National Council) and Chamisa being vocal on that. The same clauses were put through at congress.”

Other analysts believe Chamisa took on a poisoned chalice in the post of Organising Secretary and made too many enemies along the way.

Former student leader and activist Freeman Chari said “Chamisa will bounce back but I hope he has learnt one lesson. Do not trust noise, trust data – trends and stats.

“Our biggest undoing in last year’s election was celebrating rally-attenders more than the collective weight of the ballot. He made the same blunder at this congress. For all its worth though, the party is now in the hands of coffee-sippers and prefects!”