The Victory Of Maurice Kamto and The Reaction Of Akere Muna

‘I renew my support for the candidate … Maurice Maurice Kamto’

The main support of the candidate of Maurice Kamto, Akere Muna has just reacted officially following the announcement of the victory of the latter.

In a post on his Facebook page, the leader of the ‘NOW Movement’ believes that ‘the elections that have just taken place are extremely imperfect’ and doubts the reliability of the results that will come out of the polls. But nevertheless, Me renews its support to Maurice Kamto who proclaimed himself the winner of the ballot.

Below the reaction of Mr. Akere Muna:

The Cameroonian presidential elections took place yesterday, October 7, 2018.

After announcing my intention to run for the highest office, exactly one year ago, on October 8, 2017, I proceeded to submit my application in strict compliance with the law.
The Victory Of Maurice Kamto and The Reaction Of Akere Muna
During the past year, I traveled all the countries near and far of the Republic, and I had the privilege of communing with citizens of all levels. I was able to get a clear idea of ​​their anguish, their misery, their aspirations, but especially the minimum required to survive. I understood that these elections, beyond the choice of a new President of the Republic for Cameroon, had become the most important event that could change the lives of many Cameroonians. Beforehand, I made an assessment of the governance situation of our country using the APRM methodology and standards, with the support of more than 20 volunteer experts. The findings of this evaluation allowed me to design a program of society, providing adequate solutions, I think,
Added to this is the Anglophone crisis whose impact on our desire to live together does not cease to have profound effects on all sectors (humanitarian, economic, social, political and corporate governance): these concerns have motivated my choice to be a candidate in this election.
The Victory Of Maurice Kamto and The Reaction Of Akere Muna
This crisis has killed more than 500 people (military and civilian), displacing 300,000 people; the burning of more than 90 villages, thousands of people injured; about 60,000 refugees and nearly 70,000 children who have not yet found their way to school. This is the description of a country in a critical socio-political situation.

According to the latest GICAM report for the year 2018, the North West and South West regions, which contribute 40% of Cameroon’s GDP, lost 56 billion CFA francs in 2017. This year, Cameroon is to lose more than 100 billion FCFA because of the persistence of this crisis. More than 10,000 people have lost their jobs. The CDC, the largest national economic operator, only operates at 10% of its capacity.

The security situation in the Far North region – because of the Boko Haram nebula – and in the Eastern region – due to insecurity from the Central African Republic – still needs to be addressed.

These are serious problems that our country is now facing and urgently needs to be resolved. According to all the information that has come to me so far, the elections that have just taken place are extremely imperfect and I can not, in conscience believe that any result would be the faithful expression of the choice of the people. All this brings me back to my basic concern, governance.

As the electoral process comes to an end, I renew my support for the candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Professor Maurice KAMTO.

My main concern will be to ensure that, whatever the government resulting from these elections, the development of policies to improve the situation of the population is the main priority. This requires an ethical overhaul of governance and the establishment of a system where the citizen will be at the center of any project.

With regard to the North-West and South-West regions, any solution proposed must necessarily include the reform of the form of the State, the reconstruction, the resettlement and the rehabilitation of internally displaced persons, and refugees; and reviewing the situation of all detainees, those under investigation, and those in forced exile.
The Victory Of Maurice Kamto and The Reaction Of Akere Muna
‘I renew my support for the candidate … Maurice Kamto’

The protection of the privileges of a few oligarchs who put this country on their knees, can not be the priority of the functioning of our State.

God has done good in Cameroon by sending us so many warnings: I fear that if we do not pause taking these signals into account, our march, which must have been triumphant, might be a step towards disaster.

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