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Teenager Recounts Her Rape Experience By Two Fake Amba Boys

The military are not the only ones perpetrating violence and other atrocities in the ongoing crisis plaguing the North West and South West ...

The military are not the only ones perpetrating violence and other atrocities in the ongoing crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon,

as most individuals have transformed themselves into Pro-Independence fighters, breaking into people’s homes, looting their properties and rapping women, forcing many other young girls into premature motherhood.

18 years old Lum Katy, resident in Muea in the South West Region of Cameroon tells us her story, how two so-called Amba boys(Pro-Independence fighters) brutally stole her virginity one early Sunday morning, landing her an unwanted pregnancy, that has rubbed her family’s image in the mud, and stalked her in continuous trauma four months after delivery.

“It was on an early Monday morning last October 2017, when I was going to the farm with my junior brother who was 13 years old then. We saw a group of boys who claimed to be pro-independence fighters, smoking Indian Herpes that we locally call ‘Banga’ beside a small stream that leads to the pathway of our farm. The scent was very uncomfortable, as I passed them, holding my nose and avoiding to inhale more of the air that was garnished with the scent of hard banga. This group of boys have formed a habit of being seeing around since the start of the crisis, more especially, because schools doors had remain shut in our area, and many other people had relocated.
Teenager Recounts Her Rape Experience By Two Fake Amba Boys
One of them stood up in a deep voice and asked us where we were heading to, and if we did not know it was contri Sunday (traditional Monday ghost towns) imposed in the two English Speaking Regions since the start of the crisis. I told him we knew it was contri Sunday, but we just wanted to go to the farm to harvest some foodstuffs from the farm. I also told them that due to the military raid in homes, we thought it would be better and safer in the farm than at home. The one who was questioning us looked back to the others in the group as if to get approval of something, and asked us to go.

I however noticed unusual footsteps behind us, and felt we were being followed. I told my brother Ngwa that we should increase our steps. But as we did, the steps behind us increased in speed as well. I stopped in fear, looked behind, but there was no one and the steps stopped. When we turned to continue, the steps continued. We became more afraid and thought we were being followed by ghosts.

So many people had been killed. Others have disappeared, but I did not think it was that dangerous on our farm paths at that time, because it was about 8 a.m. I told Ngwa that we should go back home, because the signs were clearly becoming unfavourable for us. First the frightful experience with the fake Amba boys, and now this mysterious footsteps. Ngwa said maybe it was the sound of leaves swaying at the wind blow that sounded like footsteps. When we stopped, the footsteps stopped. When we walked we could hear it behind us. I held my brothers hand as we gave each other courage.

We made a U-turn back home, but as we turned, a heavy voice met face to face with us and asked if we were not going to the farm gain. It was those boys, and three of them had been following us unknown to us. We were right the footsteps were real. They signaled us with daggers to follow them inside the bush. One of them grabbed my brother and put a dagger on his throat, asking him not to shout or make a move, or else they will end his.

Another one pulled me into a small pathway and ordered me to take off my cloths, which I refused, and he landed me a slap that cleared my eyes to obedience to their commands. I took off my cloths and my undies. He grabbed me and gradually put me on the grass, while he violently sucked my breasts from left to right.

He climbed on me, forced his way into me violently and sexed me mercilessly. The dagger that was pointing at me and the one pointing towards Ngwa gave me more fears than the pains of seeing my virginity brutally stolen. When he had had his filled, the other took over, and when he was done, I heard my first rapist said ‘chai man this ngah na still pikin - ‘man, this girl is still a virgin’. They were so confortable and in no rush, and apparently knew no human being was to walk that path that day, because they took all their time, and were in no rush.

They ordered me up quickly, and asked me to put on my dress. The pains were something else. They had broken my hymen. They tore my vagina, and I don’t know how Ngwa and I got home, but I woke up two days after the incident to find myself on a hospital bird.

When I asked what happened to me and where Ngwa was, I was told he too passed out of shock but was at home. For so many days, I had a total black out of my memory. I could not remember everything at once. The scenes kept playing in my mind gradually until I fully recovered and could finally remember that I was raped by two boys infront of my little brother.

Two months later, I was discovered pregnant, and my parents said we should abort the pregnancy, but our Parish Priest who had been giving my family the moral and spiritual support we needed most at that time, discouraged us from the act, preaching the biblical and moral laws against abortion to my parents and myself. We respected his advice, and I kept the pregnancy, and it is exactly four months today since I delivered a set of twin girls. One died two days after birth, but the other is still alive”. Katy told us in tears.

According to her, breastfeeding baby Rebecca is the worst moments for her, because it brings her memory of how those monsters sucked her innocent breasts during the rape incident that resulted to the pregnancy of the very child she was breastfeeding. No one had ever gone closer her breast, and there she was, suckling a product of that ugly incident, which she says makes her wants to kill herself and the innocent baby Rebecca.
Katy’s 50 years old mother who has been by her since day one of the incident told us that they were standing strong by the Grace of God, and that she as a mother is the one trying to create the contact between Katy and baby Rebecca. Mama says baby Rebecca can be crying beside the mother, and it won’t mean anything to her. “Katy would shout and order the innocent child to keep quiet, and at times she too will be crying alongside the baby calling her names. But I understand my daughter. I know her life will never be the same. I try to put myself into her shoes and I fully understand how difficult it is for her, because the baby is a reminder of how she brutally lost her virginity in the most bitter way. But what can we do? My husband and I pray for her daily to overcome, and we believe with time she will overcome”. Katy’s mother told this reporter.

Mama said Katy has attempted to escape and abandon the baby twice, but was caught and brought back home, because if she stays away from the baby’s upbringing, that mother/daughter affection will be lost, and that will even create more problems for her in future. “It is better for her to accept realities and watch the child grow, so that she can learn to love her as they stay together, and by God’s special Grace, that mother/daughter bond might become stronger with time, erasing the sad memories of the baby’s conception”. Mama concluded.

It has not been easy for the very prayerful family and Katy in particular. Her brother Ngwa was sent to the eldest daughter of the family in Douala, where he is schooling and trying to put the past trauma behind him, thanks to his change of environment and some psychological therapies as well.

As for Katy, people have not stopped provoking her for getting a child at such tender age and out of wedlock. Moreover, her family has decided to keep the source of pregnancy a secret from the people around her, so that they don’t use it against her today or tomorrow.
She told this reporter that her dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant, is the only way out to help her, and that in future she will champion a campaign against RAPE.

As at Press time, the family was trying to secure Katy admission into the Catholic University Institute of the Buea Diocese, where her elder sister’s husband has opted to sponsor her, as his family’s contribution in giving hope to the poor girl, who thought her life has ended.