Legislators Given Up To Friday To Declare Assets

Parliamentarians have been given up to Friday to declare their assets in response to President Mnangagwa’s clarion call and efforts to increase transparency among public office bearers.

Mnangagwa declared that all public office holders must declare their assets including Ministers, deputy ministers, govenors and State-owned enterprises employees. President Mnangagwa also stated that declaration of assets by public office holders is now a legal requirement.
Legislators Given Up To Friday To Declare Assets
Legislators Given Up To Friday To Declare Assets
The declaration of assets is meant to bolster the government’s anti-corruption drive, increase transparency and accountability. Pupurai Togarepi the Zanu PF chief whip said the ruling party caucus was going to lead by example in the declaration of assets agenda.

Said Togarepi:

We are ready to declare our assets as Zanu PF. We have the majority members in Parliament, we would like to lead by example.Every MP will declare his assets. We hope this will improve transparent and inspire confidence so that the people fully appreciate that the new dispensation is ready to deal with corruption.People can speculate, but it is for everyone to see after we declared our assets.

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