Cop Stabbed Twice In Stomach

A COP based at Madlambuzi Police Station in Bulilima escaped death by a whisker after he was stabbed twice in the stomach by a drunken stranger without any provocation.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident which took place last Friday.
Cop Stabbed Twice In Stomach
Cop Stabbed Twice In Stomach
He said the cop’s assailant, Anet Ndebele (22) of Ngotsha village in Madlambuzi, was arrested.

“Two of his accomplices are still on the run and the police are looking for them,” said Chief Insp Ndebele yesterday.

A police source said the incident took place on Friday night when the victim, Constable Ruel Ncube (24), was on his way home.

“Circumstances of the case are that on September 29 at 10PM, Cst Ncube was coming from Madlambuzi Centre headed to his place of residence when he met the accused and his friends.

“The accused was drunk and staggering across the road. He then approached Const Ncube and slapped him once on the left cheek,” said the source.

The source said when the cop asked Ndebele why he was assaulting him, the accused went on to stab Const Ncube in twice the stomach using an Okapi knife resulting in him sustaining a deep cut.

“Const Ncube then used an unknown object to hit the accused once on the forehead and left forefinger to subdue him since he was very aggressive. The accused sustained a deep cut on the forehead and a swollen forefinger,” said the source.

The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and the two were taken to Madlambuzi Clinic for treatment and were discharged.

Their condition was reportedly stable and the suspect is being held at Madlambuzi Police Station.

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