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Breaking News - "Kill Me But You Will Not Be Able To Take Power" Biya Declares War On Ambazonia

Returning from Abidjan where he took an active part in the 5th European Union / African Union Summit, President Paul Biya of Cameroon decla...

Returning from Abidjan where he took an active part in the 5th European Union / African Union Summit, President Paul Biya of Cameroon declared war on the secessionists of the North West and South West regions.

Far from the proposals and suggestions of political parties, civil society, external partners, NGOs, to his technical advisor Christian Penda Ekoka, Paul Biya preferred the language of repression against a part of his people who asked for dialogue on the form of the state.

In Cameroon, it is Yaoundé who decides who will pick up garbage in Bamenda, Maroua, Bafoussam, the hypercentralization of power prevents populations to create conditions for their development. Ministers and executives of the public administration are multimillionaires, other billionaires, Article 66 on the declaration of goods in this country twice first in the ranking of the most corrupt in the world has never been implemented.

In approaching the year 2018, Paul Biya is confident for a new term of seven years, his campaign slogan, ” the great finishes ” begin to invade the canvas. Indeed, in 2011 during the beginning of the seven-year term, Paul Biya launched a series of large projects for an emerging Cameroon in 2035.

In terms of energy, for example, Cameroon has considered the construction of several hydroelectric dams, Lom Pangar, Memve Ele, Mekin, the repair of Lagdo, Song Loulou etc … were envisaged, Paul Biya had promised to move the country from 1200 Megawhat, hydroelectric production capacity to 3000 Megawhats in 2018.

Several projects were launched in 2012: roads, ports, bridges, highways, aeronautics, Camtel Mobile, etc … During his message to the nation on December 31, 2017, while announcing the inauguration of all these projects, a major event is shaking up the political destiny of Cameroon: Christian Penda Ekoka.
Breaking News - "Kill Me But You Will Not Be Able To Take Power" Biya Declares War On Ambazonia
Technical advisor to the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Christian Penda Ekoka, expert in development economics has always been against the governance of his boss, he organizes a series of media outlets in mass media, TV, radio, web, etc … The adviser of President Biya specifies in an interview with Cameroon Liberty that he benefited through these broadcasts to remind the head of state that he is the ultimate responsible for the economic drift of the country.

Louis Paul Motaze current finance minister was at the heart of the projects, he began after the exit of Cameroon HIPC Initiative, as the first Cameroonian Minister of Economy after the breakdown of the Ministry of Finance.

Afterwards, he will go to work on the projects of the secretariat of the first ministry before going back to the economy, he is the one who piloted almost all the projects of the emergence, Paul Biya he will be transferred to the finances, ” a way for the head of the state to tell him to go and pay off all the debts he has contracted, “says a source at the Civil Cabinet.

For the only BIP 2018, Ousmane Mey revealed that more than 2000 projects had no impact on the economy, projects funded by his predecessor, the prime minister subsequently will sign a decree to suspend funding for immature projects.

Since November 2017, China does not lose any penny for Cameroon, several projects are stopped. Recall that the empire of the middle funded more than 70% of projects in Cameroon (Between 2007 and 2017 China has injected more than 6 billion dollars into the economy of Cameroon).

Upon his arrival in China on March 22, 2018, Paul Biya discovered through the Chinese the damage caused by his regime, he canceled the meeting organized between the Cameroonian and Chinese economic operators, and returned from China with the promise of a donation for the sanitation in drinking water. During this trip, President Biya went to China without his finance minister for a meeting on debt.

According to sources close to the presidency, China reportedly did not want to see it on its soil. Recall that Xi Jinping Chinese president by removing the lock on the term limitation had had the support of the Communist Party base satisfied with his fierce fight against corruption. He had executed some prominent personalities involved in corruption scandals.

On May 17, 2018, Paul Biya receives the US ambassador to Cameroon. Peter Barlerin who asks the Cameroonian president to leave power to get into the story the right way. Meanwhile, the Anglophone crisis takes another proportion, the deaths are counted every day that it is among the civilians that in the army. The pressure is mounting in the Biya camp, which until now has only followed the instructions of the regime’s hawks, repression.

A month after the meeting with the US ambassador, Paul Biya has a telephone conversation with Macron who sends his secretary to visit Cameroon. The departure of Paul Biya appears clearly as the solution to the Anglophone crisis, in closed circles, it is now clear, the tenant of the palace of Etoudi can no longer rule Cameroon, nor resolve the Anglophone crisis. It is up to Cameroonians themselves to choose their leaders.

“In Cameroon there are two families, those who want to keep Paul Biya in power because he serves them sacrificial lamb and those like me who want to help him by sending him to retirement.” Christian Penda Ekoka Adviser to Paul Biya.

Without a political program and refusing any debate on the balance sheet, the CPDM before going into the campaign has corrupted some political opponents, civil society actors, academics, the regime’s electoral campaign for the presidential was oriented towards the manipulation of populations.

To break his main challenger, knowing that he had lost his youth, the Biya regime has sparked candidates to sow confusion among the opposition and absorb some of these young people. Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, university teacher is became the symbol of the regime’s communication strategy.

He published no less than three posts a day to denigrate the main challenger of Biya, Maurice Kamto.Sources will say that he was the invisible hand behind the communication strategy of the young candidate Cabral libii.

These young candidates were intended to discourage a good part of the electorate with the concept of “coalition” several months before the elections knowing that a coalition at this time could only benefit the regime. What would it have been for Cabral Libii or Joshua Osih to reduce the chances of Biya’s main challenger of having a large number of voters if he was not able to put in the polling stations. In the city of Yaoundé alone, dozens of polling stations had only MRC and CPDM representatives.

That the best wins, seemed to be the desire of President Paul Biya for the 2018 presidential election. No observer from the European Union, American or Asian, it was up to Cameroonians to freely choose without interference their president.

Paul Biya not only refused a congress of the CPDM, he refused the masquerade around the inauguration of the port of Kribi, dam of Memve Ele and the second bridge over the Wouri, during the entire presidential campaign he will only have only one exit to go to the populations. From credible sources, this visit was rather symbolic for the war he waged in the far north against Boko Haram. Paul Biya made a speech of 07 mn, refused to spend the night in Maroua, and immediately returned to Yaoundé.
On 02 October 2018, Maurice Kamto is in Bafoussam for a campaign rally, he is accompanied by a figure emblematic of the Cameroonian opposition , the same one as he used to say, wore President Biya in the 1990s. Albert Dzongang, a member of the coalition will make a revelation that will undoubtedly go unnoticed, he will say: ” Paul Biya ” asked to help him lose ” and continue, ” You were told that Niat died, he did not die he fled, not to live the defeat of the CPDM in the Western Region ”

According to some indiscretions, Niat is under high protection in France, announced dying in Switzerland, he was seen in Paris while he was voting on October 7, 2018. He is president of SENAT and therefore, constitutional successor to President Biya. It has been almost a month since he left the country, the time of the presidential campaign and the promulgation of the results.

Paul Biya has the last word if he wants to save the country from the civil war, the thuriféraires of the regime do not intend to let go, ready to confront to preserve the power through the sacrificial lamb which is the head of the State . President Biya has the opportunity to prove if he likes Cameroon or power, he has been running the country for 36 years and is 85 years old.

How far are they willing to go to keep power, how does Biya want to go down in history? “Kamto’s spokesman revealed a few days ago a conspiracy that the regime’s pundits prepare in the cities, they would be recruiting the rioters who will sow troubles that will be attributed to Maurice Kamto.

Some observers believe that the Biya regime for this election must make a heavy score in favor of the candidate Biya to make him believe that he has the popular support, they plan to organize a support march sponsored by the sub-national. prefects. 

Paul Biya would live in what universe if he is not able to read what the world outside his courtiers say the country, he who has the mastery of Twitter?