2018 Presidential Election: Opposition Figures Threatened For Supporting Biya

Leaders of twenty opposition parties have revealed they are under threats from their own party members for publicly endorsing Paul Biya’s bid to seek re-election for a seventh term in office.

The leaders have come under scathing criticisma from the public since declaring their support for Biya two weeks ago during a press conference in Yaounde with many describing their act as a sign of betrayal to the opposition.

However, the leaders now popularly described as the G20 once again came out to clear the air during a press conference on Friday in Douala where they reiterated Paul Biya is the safest choice for Cameroon at the moment.

“I represent women in the G20. I decided to support the President of the Republic, and I am paying a heavy price for this. In my own party, the supporters are not happy,”says Assana Marie Gisèle Epse Abba, President of the Cameroon Revolution for a United People (Rcpu).

Just last week in Douala, several members of the Democrat Patriots for the Development of Cameroon (PADDEC), dumped the party in favour of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, accusing their leader, Jean de Dieu Momo of betraying the party’s values.
2018 Presidential Election: Opposition Figures Threatened For Supporting Biya
It is in the wake of all these that the leaders decided to grant another press conference in Douala to once again stressed on their reasons for supporting the candidate of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement.

According to them, Paul Biya remains the best choice for a peaceful, stable and prosperous Cameroon in its diversity as it has alwaye been.

The G20 leaders say they have been frustrated by other opposition parties in their moves to form an oppositio coalition thus realised only Paul Biya could be the best choice.

“Many opposition leaders we met, snubbed us claiming they are big and strong enough to challenge and defeat the ruling party at the presidential election,” one of the leaders said.

They made it clear that the CPDM is the only party that is implanted in all the 360 subdivisions of the country and have been working on the ground since 2011 unlike some opposition parties that have sprang to life on the eve of the Presidential election.
“The 2018 Presidential election will be between two camps; that of peace, nationalists and patriots defending the interest of Cameroonians, Cameroon and all its riches embodied by President Paul Biya, and the camp of imperialism made up of a certain type of opposition candidates. But they are all neocolonial opposition figures who want to hunt Paul Biya with the help of some external forces as they did in Libya and Ivory Coast, “said Jean De Dieu Momo, leaders of Paddec and a member of the G20.

The G20 however made it clear that they are not members of the ruling CPDM party but see in their candidate, Paul Biya as the only man who can handle the security challenges faced in the Far North region as well as the North West and South West Regions.

“Cameroon needs an experienced leader. But we do not have the experience of Paul Biya. This is not the time to think about a change, but it’s time to get together behind the president, “says Dr. Benz Enow Bate, chairman of the Cameroon Democratic Party (CDP).

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