The UNHCR Statement On The Alleged Deportation Of The Ambazonian Leaders - Not Enough!

The UNHCR, has issued an official statement on the alleged deportation of the interim President of Ambazonia, Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and 46 others to La Republique du Cameroun by the BUHARI administration in Nigerian. 

The statement has been issued today 1st February, 2017 in Abuja, and reads as follow:

“UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has learned with great concern of the forced return by Nigeria of 47 Cameroonians, who were handed over to the Cameroonian authorities on 26 January 2018.

Most of the individuals in question had submitted asylum claims. Their forcible return is in violation of the principle of non-refoulement, which constitutes the cornerstone of international refugee law.

The returns were carried out despite UNHCR’s efforts and engagement with the authorities.
The UNHCR Statement On The Alleged Deportation Of The Ambazonian Leaders - Not Enough!
UNHCR reminds Nigeria of its obligations under international and Nigerian law, and urges the Nigerian Government to refrain from forcible returns of Cameroonian asylum-seekers back to their country of origin.

We also urge the Government of Cameroon to ensure that the group is treated in accordance with human rights law and standards.”

It is worthy to note that the UNHCR had allegedly received the assurances of the Nigerian government that, no Ambazonian was to be deported to LRC. Also, the Nigerian government had assured the legal team of the kidnapped leaders that they wouldn’t be deported to LRC.

It was therefore shocking to hear LRC propaganda minister claimed that they now “have 47 terrorists extradited from Nigeria, and amongst them is the leader Ayuk-Tabe”.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government has neither acknowledged ever abducting the leaders nor deporting them to LRC.

Ambazonians therefore have continued to ask the Buhari Administration, if they have not claimed responsibility of abducting the President of Ambazonia and his team, which leaders did they then hand over to the LRC government and under what legal status?

As the interim government of Ambazonia has stated, since LRC has claimed responsibility of having the leaders and all those deported, they have up to 5th February to show proof of life or the Cameroons shall witnessed a greater Rwanda genocide.

This is already reflecting on the ground as, rumours of the execution of the leaders have created tension in the land. There are already daily clashes between colonial forces and angry citizens.

The UN claims to have vowed never to allow genocide happened again anywhere in the world, but it is currently ongoing in Ambazonia and they are passive to it. Are they waiting to for more people to die after the 5th.?

The colonial broadcaster CRTV has been making verbal noise within the day that the leaders are save and sound. If the communication minister claims not to have seen them, but is confident that they are in Yaoundé, on what basis is CRTV telling the people that they are save and sound? Are also just being confident like their boss?

Nigeria and LRC should be ready to tell Ambazonians the truth on the 5th of February or they should be ready in their usual military collaboration as they claim, kill all the 8 million people of Ambazonia.

James Agbor

Source - Bareta News

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