Sisiku AyukTabe And The Rest Are Alive, Well Taken Care Of, And Not Under Any Form Of Torture - Eye Witness Reports

Social Media has been propagating the death hoax of the Ambazonia President Sisiku AyukTabe and 46 others arrested in Nigeria in connection with the Anglophone crisis last month.

In so many Social Media posts, some activists are championing the fake information, just to have people riot, couple with the recent public statement made by Mrs. Lilian AyukTabe, wife of Sisiku, who said she has not heard from, or seen her husband since his January 5 arrest.

However, a highly connected top military friend to this media outlet confirmed to us that yesterday Thursday February 1, he was part of a delegation led by Jean Baptist Bokam, Secretary General at the Ministry of Defense Incharge of the Gendarmerie who went to visit the men at the SED detention center.

According to our informant who spoke in anonymity, Sisiku and the others are in comfortable cell rooms with good toilet and hygiene facilities. They are well taken care of, not subjected to any form of torture, and even those like Pa Tassang who are very religious have been offered good bibles for their personal and spiritual needs.
Sisiku AyukTabe And The Rest Are Alive, Well Taken Care Of, And Not Under Any Form Of Torture -  Eye Witness Reports
He however said, for investigation purpose, the separatists have been deprived of any form of visits, but that in the coming days, they will be able to be granted the opportunity to welcome visitors, who will be decided by their captor.
To corroborate this news, the Cameroon government yesterday February 1, refuted the death hoax claims over CRTV Radio news. "Ayuk Julius Tabe and his 46 secessionists companions are still in the hands of the Cameroon Judicial Police. The 47 suspects are doing very well. Investigations are ongoing in strict respect of the laws that be. Contrarily to rumours circulating on social media, non of the 47 secessionists have been subjected to any form of violence. The Cameroonian authorities are warning all those behind these rumours, that they will answer for their actions according to the rules and regulations in place." The CRTV Radio message read.

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