Show Me Images Of My Husband - Lilian Ayuk Tabe The Ambazonian Leader’s Wife Tells Paul Biya

Lilian Ayuk Tabe, the wife of the arrested Ambazonian leader Julius Ayuk Tabe has tasked the President of Cameroon Paul Biya to produce images of her husband whose extradition to Cameroon was confirmed on Monday.

The Ambazonian leaders and others have not been seen by family members nor granted access to their lawyers since their arrest and extradition to Cameroon despite national and international pressure.

« Until the announcement, my children and I still had no information of Julius’ whereabouts. Today is 31 January 2018, we have no proof that Julius and the 11 others are alive, » Lilian Ayuk Tabe said in a statement.

« And if they are alive, what are the charges against them and why have they not been allowed to talk to their families and to access legal due process under international law?
Show Me Images Of My Husband - Lilian Ayuk Tabe The Ambazonian Leader’s Wife Tells Paul Biya
« We appeal to the international community and governments to urge Mr. Paul Biya to produce video footages of Julius Ayuk Tabe and 11 others, grant access to lawyers and family members to meet them, and free them because they are not criminals, » she said.

Lilian’s comments add up to concerns in the national and international community about the physical and psycological conditions of the arrested.

An audio that has gone viral in the last two days alleging the Ambazonian leaders might have been executed has raised more concerns within the local and international scene.

However, state media on Thursday reported the 47 persons extradited to Cameroon and in good conditions and their rights are being respected while cautioning public opinion to stop relaying « unfounded rumours » about the execution of the leaders.

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