Cameroon Anglophone Crisis - A Reporter's Account

We begin with Cameroon where a revolt from the anglophone region against the government is raging and has led to the deaths of many and unrest in the cities of the region. 

A United Kingdom Member Parliament Harriet Baldwin on a visit to the country on Friday stressed the need for Cameroon to adopt dialogue to resolve the unrest in the Anglophone region. Harriet Baldwin doubles as the
Cameroon Anglophone Crisis - A Reporter's Account
Minister for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development. She said her trip afforded her the opportunity to meet with a number of stakeholders in the

restive region especially in the southwest capital of Buea. Elvis has just returned from a three week monitoring trip to the country’s troubled anglophone region. He speaks wit Jerry Bambi in the studio and gives a first hand report of what the situation is in the country.

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