The Statement Made By The UNHCR About the Southern Cameroon Struggle - The UN Has Changed Its Tone!

The statement made by the UNHCR on the 24th of January is a unique historical statement worth celebrating. The whereabouts of abducted leaders seems to have blinded us from this great victory.

This statement is by far the most favourable statement ever made by the UN on the southern Cameroons for the following reasons:

- For the fist time in this struggle the UN has addressed this territory as Southern Cameroon instead of the anglophone region of Cameroon. Hope you notice the change in dynamics? The implication is that the territory is not part of Cameroon. It is southern Cameroon. Recall that in 2010 the president of the UN GA presented two maps to Biya. We won fatly. This is a move towards recognition of the state of southern Cameroon aka Ambazonia.
 The Statement Made By The UNHCR About the Southern Cameroon Struggle - The UN Has Changed Its Tone!
- The UN for the first time state that southern cameroons declared independence in October 2017. They called it a unilateral declaration and its true. At least we are now certain that the UN has taken note of this declaration hence defending it is not illegal at leas to the UN. The Foley Hoag Law firm ensured all legal steps were taken ahead of this declaration. True there have been other declarations before but the UN has never made mention of them. This one is worth upholding at all cost.

- The statement makes it clear that refugees are fleeing brutality by LRC military contrary to what the LRC govt has been trying to portray. This is a serious blow to Cameroon and indicates that the world now officially knows the truth.

- The statement clears the way for action by the ICC.

By stating that the people are being brutalised not for what they have done but for who they are, makes a strong case for genocide and war crimes against LRC. This must have been what has pushed the old man to Geneva to try to buy over UNHCR. Though many think its for health reasons, the timing makes me think there is more to that.

All in all everyone can bear with me that the UN has changed its tone!

Just a little more effort and we are gone. The greatest prove is that they neither called the leaders secessionists nor separatists. They called them pro independence leaders. Hope you smell something too? Don't let the abduction of leaders distract you. We are winning.

May God help us all

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