Suspicions Of Misappropriation Around The Donation Of Computers - Biya Prescribes An Investigation

In Cameroon, President Paul Biya has just prescribed an investigation into what is now known as the PB HEV computer case (Paul Biya Higher Education Vision) while the boss of the Chinese company that manufactured and delivered the computers, is expected in yaounde for an explanation campaign.

The reason: Strong suspicions of misappropriation of public funds, weigh on Jacques Fame Ndongo, the Minister of Higher Education (Minesup) and his entourage, who went to China to fulfill a promise of the head of the State, precisely, negotiate prices and buy 500 000 computers for Cameroonian students of state universities and private institutes.

The survey also targets the role of government stakeholders in the computer acquisition process.
Cost of the transaction, 150 billion FCFA, or 300,000 FCFA per computer. The controversy break out when instead of computers, students receive notebooks that are sold on the local market between CFAF 50 000 and 75 000, that is to say, 4 times cheaper than the price announced by the government.

The controversy swells when students found that the hard drives have a capacity of 32 GB. 
Suspicions Of Misappropriation Around The Donation Of Computers - Biya Prescribes An Investigation
Accused, the government tried to give out explanations. Atsa Etoundi, director of computer systems at Minesup, a computer science teacher, who was part of the delegation that visited China, explained globally that “32 GB = 500 GB in new technology”.

The explanation does not pass. Many Cameroonian computer experts denied. The computer teacher persisted several times. 

Internet users denounced what they describe as huge embezzlement in which several members of the government are involved.

But a question arises since the decision made by the president to open an investigation: If the fund distraction facts proved, can Biya let go of his Minister of Higher Education? 

Jacques Fame Ndongo is considered one of the pillars of the system. He is sometimes presented as one of the editors of the president’s speeches. But with a head of state, who holds to his power, in full election year and committed to win back students, who are part of an increasingly demanding youth, Biya is capable of everything.

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