Balla Makes Urgent Call - Rise Up And Support The Detainees

Yesterday, I was at the Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde. There, I met our brothers and sisters jailed due to the Anglophone crisis. It is always emotional walking through those doors, seeing our people in the distressing conditions of prison.

Fri Christabel is a fruit trader who was arrested on her way home from selling at the road side. She is a mother of twins, the children have been sent to be with her ailing mother in the village for now. She spent several months at the Judicial Police in the Elig Essono neighbourhood in Yaounde. We thank her lawyer who fought relentlessly to ensure her transfer to Kondengui Central.
Balla Makes Urgent Call - Rise Up And Support The Detainees
While at the Judicial Police, Elig Essono, she developed sight problems due to the lack of lights in the cell. Christabel misses her twins who are in the village with her mother.

At the Kondengui Central prison, we have 125 detainees, which makes it difficult to support them and provide sufficient resources to sustain them. I call on everyone to look into the need for constant support.

Mancho Bibixy, Terence Penn and all other detainees appreciated our massive support and the supplies provided during this visit. They urged us not to forget about them.

We acknowledge the support from Africa Now Foundation and various friends and partners who reacted to the distress call from prison, despite the short notice.

Agbor Nkongho | CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

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