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Ambazonia Revolution Is A Spiritual Movie Script Whose End Is Already Known

Ambazonians Should Be Reminded that; The Southern Cameroons Revolution is a SPIRITUAL MOVIE SCRIPT whose end is already known. Of course the...

Ambazonians Should Be Reminded that;

The Southern Cameroons Revolution is a SPIRITUAL MOVIE SCRIPT whose end is already known. Of course the end is AMBAZONIA. 

So, no matter how many Acts & Scenes the various protagonists decide to add or subtract in the movie, it wouldn’t CHANGE the outcome, because the script was neither written in Buea, Yaoundé nor Abuja. The script was written in the supernatural, and I don’t need to remind us that the life we live (whether positive or negative) is controlled from the supernatural and NOT the natural. The natural only complements it.

Take everything that happens in this revolution as a normal stage or a scene in the movie either to fast tract or delay its end – but the end result cannot be altered. I have said that the DAY LRC WINS this WAR, I’ll go NATURALIZE in SOUTH SUDAN the Next Day.
Ambazonia Revolution Is A Spiritual Movie Script Whose End Is Already Known
As for the alleged extradition of Ambazonian interim leadership to LRC, I challenge CRTV to take their Cameras to where they are being held and bring us live images and even make a MOCKERY OF US in the broadcast. They are known for that. That’s when I’ll validate the claims of all the so called Federalists and confused separatists gallivanting online. That will be an assignment for me to start writing a new chapter on international law and diplomatic rascality.

Its a shame that for many years of being in the UK and other English countries, with Anglo Saxon education and values, some of us can’t still define extradition under the English legal system?. If these guys were in France sounding this confused, I would have understood them. As an intellectual, I’ve been taught to always analyze every piece of information I get with possible available data and from an interdisciplinary approach before making conclusions.

As of now, my analysis of the issues at stake have not confirmed to me that any of the leaders are in LRC. Except LRC and Paul Biya will be first to up set international convention on this issue. Where have you ever heard that self determination leaders on asylum were illegally abducted by their host countries and returned to their home country without a legal process? Do we just believe these stories because Africa is a SHITHOLE CONTINENT? I consider any such information in circulation at least for now, as colonial and expansionist propaganda.

You know why? Let me give you just three of many factual reasons.

1. It is a fact that Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Prof. Godfrey Onyema said Sissiku and co were neither arrested nor abducted, but were just taken for questioning. So he will have many questions to answer if the lie that the leaders are in Yaoundé becomes true. He is the one who said on air that the leaders were neither abducted nor arrested. Nobody forced him, a professor of international relations and diplomacy to make the statement. So on what basis have they been “extradited” as being reported by a colonial tv channel like France 24?

2. Nigeria hasn’t made any official statement since the abduction, in a matter that is now within international diplomatic circles. Some of you still think like Biya and his LRC brothers that we are still at the level of teachers and lawyers. Ambazonia is every where international diplomacy is being practiced at the moment. President Mohamadu Buhari left Nigeria yesterday for the AU summit where Ambazonia shall possibly be a topic of discussion. He cannot be leaving for such a meeting and then illegally extradite to LRC leaders of Ambazonia, who are asylum seekers and legal permanent Nigerian residents, to be incarcerated because they are standing on international law to call for the decolonization of an African country under colonial occupation.

3. The Ambazonian case is a case with inter winding global interests. There are different Nigerian individuals and institutions with interests, African individuals and institutions with interests and world individuals and institutions with interests and all countries where the IG and LRC had sent the independence declaration and counter declarations respectively have interests either for or against. At the end of the day, whoever’s interest prevails shall be guided by international law.

Therefore, until Nigeria sets a new precedence in global diplomatic maneuverings, by illegally abducting and deporting global citizens under her protection, not proven to be criminals of any sort, I stand on my intellectual convictions based on physical and revelational sources of knowledge.

Ambazonia Shall be Free.

Source - Ngwa A. Emmanuel