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Anne Nhira Responds To The Zodwa Wabantu Saga

Former Studio 263 actress and model, Anne Nhira has responded to the backlash she received after lobbying for South African dancer and soci...

Former Studio 263 actress and model, Anne Nhira has responded to the backlash she received after lobbying for South African dancer and socialite Zodwa Wabantu to be banned from performing at The Harare International Carnival.

Nhira received close to 10 000 responses to her Facebook post celebrating an alleged ban on the SA artiste most of which were insulting her and calling her names but she seemed unmoved by the backlash.

We reproduce her response in full below:

Unity in diversity:

My oh my!!! What an interesting week it has been!!! Allow me to start by thanking you all for the feedback (positive and negative) to my engagement with government over what I feel is not in tune with my ideals and possibly those of a greater percentage of the Zimbabwean populace - on this, kindly note that its not every Zimbabwean who can Facebook or tweet about an idea they support or are against.

I know I have been vilified for standing for what I believe in but that to me is what defines freedom of expression and association. What I spoke against is not an individual but a practise which doesn't sit well with me. I however respect the fact that for their entertainment some would want to see Zodwa perform which again you can equally lobby for.
Anne Nhira Responds To The Zodwa Wabantu Saga
While I respect every other citizen's thought line and response to my move, hating and shouting at each other won't change the fact that we are a people together. Yes we are different and diverse with different tastes and takes on issues but we are one. Going through your comments, I have picked a number of pertinent issues which I will be very much willing to take up with relevant authorities.

Kindly note my engagement with government over the Zodwa issue was not only with the Ministry of Tourism but also with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Ministry of Youth as well as the Ministry of Culture. All this was not inspired by malice but a standpoint which probably resonates with many though they may not be as vocal. Prior to this engagement I have always stood for empowerment of local artists and I still feel it can be done.

For example if we can have Zodwa performing for God knows how much, why not having Gonyeti or Bev performing for the same amount? While some question the logic behind having one performer stopped, it goes without saying that you can't have wholesome advocacy.

I had to pick one to get the message across. Allegations have also been thrown around to the fact that I only got government attention because of "inappropriate" relations with government ministers but the truth is, it's not every woman who sleeps their way to their goals and objectives. My engagement no mater how it may not be ideal for some was purely intellectual and for a good I believe in. Given the energy I have seen amongst many I believe we can achieve a lot if we harness our energy for a common good.

And by the way, I have realised Zimbabweans are so good at name calling. Ende munoshaudha😂😂😂. All the same I love you, each and everyone of you and let's keep the love coming. I am not closing my account or deleting anything, I am very much around and ready to work with all of you for a common good. Many exciting programmes are coming and be on the lookout.

Much love to you all. One love, One Zimbabwe