Little Girl Is Called Up In Front Of The Whole School, Then Teacher Approaches Her In Tears.

A’Layah is a joyful kindergartner with a smile as bright as the sun, but she wasn’t always this happy. Her past wasn’t that of a typical kid her age.

The little girl’s birth mother was a drug addict. A’Layah was placed into the foster system.
“[It was] not very fun,” she says in the video below, posted on January 19, 2017, of her early years in the system. “But, I had to do it because I was a foster kid, until I got adopted.”

She finally found a forever home in the Robinson family household. Not soon after, tragedy struck and the family noticed something fascinating about their new daughter.
“She had her birthday money and Christmas money,” A’Layah’s new mom, Misty Robinson, says. “She saved it all. She was trying to get a Barbie Jeep.” Shortly after A’Layah got her money together, a massive tornado hit her neighbor’s home and destroyed it.

“Whenever the tornado hit just after her birthday, she told me she wanted to give all of her money to a family we know that lost everything,” Misty says. From that moment on, the Robinsons realized that they didn’t adopt an average 6-year-old, they welcomed a true giver into their family.
A’Layah continued her mission to help others, only this time, it was geared toward kids just like her.

The small child started Lemonade for Love, selling countless beverages to support kids in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody.

Thanks to A’Layah, Lemonade for Love has become a community affair. The money raised goes toward yellow bags filled with hygiene products, blankets, toys, bibles, and much more.
“I put that stuff in so they can be special and they can learn about Jesus from the bible,” the young organization leader explains.

Because of all the good that A’Layah puts into the world each day with her mission, her teacher Tiffany Robertson teamed up with KFOR’s Pay It 4Ward program to surprise the 6-year-old.
To see the amazing surprise A’Layah receives — and more importantly, what she does with it — see the video below!
Little Girl Is Called Up In Front Of The Whole School, Then Teacher Approaches Her In Tears.
In addition, if you would like to donate to Lemonade for Love, please visit A’Layah’s Facebook page.
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