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Things You Should Never Google

The Internet may seem ancient by now but many of us remember when it was new. Back then, when people were first experimenting with all the n...

The Internet may seem ancient by now but many of us remember when it was new. Back then, when people were first experimenting with all the new information, people also started to play with the idea of Internet pranks. 

The very first Internet prank which continues to this day – getting someone to google something that will ruin their day, or maybe week. There are some gross, disturbing and scary things on line. Some of them are so gross, scary or disturbing, they’ve become infamous. Here are 12 things you should never google.
Things You Should Never Google
1. Clopping. Want to be really confused and traumatized? Who doesn’t answer ‘yes’ to that question? Well, this adult content that revolves around characters from the "My Little Pony" cartoons should do just the trick to utterly traumatize and confuse you.

2. 9/11 911 call. Like we said, some of these things are gross, some are scary and some are disturbing. This is one of the most disurbing things you will ever hear. It’s a person talking to an emergency operator inside the building. The emergency operator does her best to do her job and keep the woman calm, but it’s really sad to listen to. If you really want to empathize with how awful an event it was, this is a way to do that.

3. Blue Waffle. The blue waffle is not a sexually transmitted diseases, but nearly an entire generation was fooled into believing it was, mostly thanks to a photo that was purported to be the STD. Turned out it was just a woman that used a feminine hygiene product that turned her downstairs blue but it’s still pretty disturbing.

4. R. Bud Dwyer. R Bud Dwyer was a Pennsylvania politician who served as a republican in the state senate. Dwyer it turned out was involved in a scandal in which he was bribed and taxpayers were cheated out of money. In light of the scandal, Dwyer called a press conference, during which he took out a gun and shot himself in the head. The whole thing broadcast live on TV. This is extremely disturbing and something you cannot un-see.

5. Trypophobia. How does developing a new phobia sound? Not fun? Good, then don’t google trypophobia which is essentially a fear of holes. However, there are all these images online that are geared toward make people with this phobia crazy and even if you don’t have the phobia, you too will eventually go nuts looking at these things.

6. Lemon party. Theres no telling how the whole lemon party thing caught on but somewhere along the line it became the thing to trick people into googling. What is it? It’s an orgy of very old men. Why is it called a lemon party? You can use your imagination.

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