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Rihanna Dissed Kim Kardashian?

Did Rihanna diss Kim Kardashian ? A report from the tabloids claims the singer is snubbing the reality star. Gossip Cop looked into the sto...

Did Rihanna diss Kim Kardashian? A report from the tabloids claims the singer is snubbing the reality star. Gossip Cop looked into the story.

“RiRi Disses Kim,” reads a headline in the current issue of Star, a magazine that doesn’t know all that much about stars. The story says, “It’s a good thing Kim Kardashian likes solo selfies, because she’s finding it tough to make friends with her husband’s colleagues.” And “after failing to become BFFs with Beyonce,” it’s said “Kim has been work, work, work, work, working to get on Rihanna’s good side ever since Kanye West teamed up with RiRi’s beau, Drake, to make an album.”

The problem, according to the tabloid, is that Rihanna “wants precisely nothing to do with Kim & Co.” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the publication, “Rihanna barely deigns to speak to Kim. Ri thinks she’s tacky and dull and never shuts up about her kids.”
Rihanna Dissed Kim Kardashian?
The outlet further claims that West has tried to bring the two women together to no avail. The alleged tipster explains, “He says that all she and Rihanna need is more time together, but that’s the last thing Rihanna wants — she’s asked Kanye to leave Kim at home.”

This isn’t the first time Kardashian and Rihanna have been pitted against each other. Earlier this year, for instance, Star’s online sister outlet, RadarOnline, ran a story claimingKardashian “banned” West from talking to Rihanna. But now Kardashian wants to be BFFs with her?

The stories aren’t just inconsistent with one another. They’re also both inaccurate. Kardashian and Rihanna weren’t having problems back in March and they still aren’t now. The two have been on friendly terms for years, and they were close enough pals for Rihanna to invite Kardashian to her inaugural Diamond Ball back in 2014 (see photos below).

Rihanna hasn’t all of a sudden decided to “diss” Kardashian now. A rep assures Gossip Cop the claims are all “false.”